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Back up your computer files on a regular basis so you never lose your information even if your computer fries. Choose the files you want to back up and set a a back up schedule. Your files will be saved online securely.

How to Hide Wireless Usage

Wireless routers are used in households and throughout the community because these networking devices provide Internet access to multiple PCs at a time. However, a single person or organization is usually responsible for obtaining and maintaining a subscription with the Internet service provider --

How to Convert a Corel Draw Document

CorelDraw is a widely used graphics application, but there may be an occasion when you fneed to convert your CorelDraw document into another application for further work or use. You can quickly convert your CorelDraw document for another application to recognize.

How to Find Mail Server Addresses

Mail server addresses serve the purpose of connecting to a mail server, in order to download email messages Usually a mail server address is mail.domain.com or smpt.domain.com. However, this is not the case for every address The command prompt can help find a mail server address.

How to Use Skype to Make Long Distance Calls

Computers make it easier than ever to make long-distance phone calls. Now, instead of picking up the phone to make a call, consumers have the option of making computer-to-computer or computer-to-phone calls using downloaded software, computer speakers and a microphone. Skype software allows you to c

How to Design a Webpage Template

Website designers use web page templates as part of their tools to speed up the website development process. Web page templates are HTML frameworks that the designer reuses for building multiple web pages and web sites. The template contains minimal code so the designer can see the basic layout befo

ThinkPad R61i Specifications

The ThinkPad series of laptops has a broad selection of models and families, each aimed at meeting the varying needs of different computer users. The ThinkPad R61i laptop is, by modern standards, a good computer for basic computing needs, though graphics-intense programs won't work well on this mode

How to Make Own Icons

Icons are created on your computer desktop to allow easy access to specific programs. The icons act as gateways to the program, so once they are open the actual program opens; however, when you delete the icon the program remains while only the icon is removed. You can create icons for anything in y

How to Make a Banner in Paintshop

The first thing that a new visitor sees upon entering your website or blog is your banner. A unique and interesting banner is a sure way to grab a visitor's attention and create a good first impression. If an individual is intrigued by what he initially sees on your site, he will be much more likely

How to Reset the BIOS on an HP TX1000

All computers use a basic input/output system (BIOS) for a variety of basic tasks that keeps the computer functioning properly. The BIOS is responsible for hardware tests during start up, launching the operating system and supports the data transfer between hardware components during the boot proces

Tips For Using Windows Registry Cleaners

When your computer slows down and gives you error messages, including registry errors, there are several things that could be the cause. It's funny how it tends to be the smallest things that bring down ...

How to Disable Cookies in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox, like other Web browsers, automatically accepts and stores cookies from websites. Websites store login information, preferences and tracking information in cookies. You can disable cookies entirely if you don't want websites storing this information on your computer. Many websites wo

How to Remove a Disk Partition in Win 2000

Windows 2000 has several of the same tools as newer versions of Windows, including the Disk Management tool. Disk Management is a utility located in the administrative tools of the Windows Control Panel. It lets you control and manage drive partitions. When you want to remove a partition, you use th