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A Frugal & DIY No-Sew Reupholstered Chair

A chair with good bones, but covered in upholstery that has seen better days or doesn't match your decor, isn't a lost cause. Even if you have no access to a sewing machine, or lack sewing skills, you can cover the chair and change its look. Using a sheet for your quick-change project saves money on

Do-it-Yourself: Window Film

Window film is applied directly to glass inside a house. It is applied to add a design to a window or to help keep sunlight out. Many designs are available to fit any homeowner's preferences. Window film is easy to apply and only requires a bit of patience and preparation. Window film can also help

How to Choose a Mirror For a Bedroom

Do I need a mirror in my bedroom? Of course you do -- who does not want to see how they look before they leave their bedroom pressed and dressed for the day? But how to go about doing that if you already have a dresser mirror - is that enough?

How to Make a Planetarium at Home

Making a home planetarium is a fun way to teach kids about the different constellations in the night sky and can add an eye-catching effect to a room. The idea is to make a mini-projector which has holes cut in the correct places to represent the stars of a constellation. You can make your own home

How to Paint a Laminate Kitchen Table

While being a durable and easily cleaned material, laminate is not always attractive. It has traditionally been used to cover plywood or particle board countertops, tables and flooring. Often, the pattern on the laminate is printed on to look like wood grain. Over time, laminate begins to dull and t

Simple Way to Make Curtains

Curtains add color, privacy, and insulation to your room while helping keep out light. They can be made out of nearly any fabric and can be dense or lightweight. Having curtains for each window is beneficial, but can be costly. However, curtains can be made easily and inexpensively with only a few s