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Improve Self Esteem For Yourself and Others (Including Kids)

I've been reading up on self esteem in teens and in doing so I realized that so many of us adults deal with the same issues. Why is that? We are adults with great successes and accomplishments in our lives but many still feel the sting of negative self talk and feelings of low self esteem on a

Healthy Lifestyle Training at a Fitness Resort

In recent times, the life style of a lot of us has changed a great deal unintentionally. As a lot of us are working in night shifts as well as late night and irregular shift timings, stress at work place and a lot of such factor, we need to change a lot of out habits that we were following in the be

Why Exercise

Although those who live to exercise like to claim that others are purely too lethargic or too spoiled by the contemporary couch-bound way of life to exercise on a routine basis, this is not forever the case. Some folks have far too busy daily schedules to press in just another time and effort consum

How to Get Into Your Own "Creative Zone"

Not everyone can paint a picture, write a book, or carve a sculpture, but we can all create in our own way. Good sports players can create their own ways to score or defend. Clear headed people in tough situations can create their own breaks. Everyone has magical power locked up in their minds. It i

Why Leaders Need Personal Development

What is leadership? As Dr Johnson observed about light, it's easy to see what light is, but not so easy to say what it is; so with leadership - we can easily see its positive presence - and the dire consequence of its absence - but to say what it is proves more tricky. I think leadership has fo

How Diet Soda Derails Fat Loss

If you've ever wondered if that zero calorie diet soda drink is really zero calories, then pay close attention to this article. Because I'm going to reveal how a zero calorie drink can actually make you fatter. Here's the deal:

Limitless You

Are you ready for change, but can't seem to make a breakthrough? In this article, limitless You, I show people through facts, as well as my own personal experience, how great we truly are. Th

Use the 20% Secret - Lose Weight For Good

If you are one of those people who doesn't eat too many calories as is, and then try to reduce your calories after that by 500-700 calories, you may actually creating a negative effect in your weight loss efforts. If you get calories to only 800-1000 calories a day, your metabolism will actuall

10 Tips On How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain This Season

Thanksgiving or Christmas, irrespective of the occasion every one of us tends to gain weight during holiday season. The very fact that holidays bring in parties, get-together, dinners or coffee sessions, makes each one of us vulnerable to sliding on extra pounds to our body. Even skinny to skinny pe

20 Ways to Improve Your Life

Be grateful. Gratitude is the best attitude. Try it and you will find that the more grateful you are, the more you will have to be grateful for. Eradicate negative mental attitude. Try to always ...