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You're Being Groomed for Greatness

When you're in transition, you're in an "in-between-stage." Rather than getting frustrated and upset, you need to ask God, "Lord, please help me to be strong in the meantime, and help me to endure my in-between-time." You're just being groomed for greatness!

Manage Your Time and Make Money

If you are a freelance agent who relies on working for numerous clients, it is essential to manage your time. In fact it is a critical factor of success, irrespective of your line of work.

What is the Importance of Communication?

What is the potential of a small word? How about the potential of a particular touch? Or the potency of a single smile? What about retaining one sole frustrated statement? These things can certainly transform ...

5 Habits to BECOME the BEST

Learn how to live with your flaws that make you who you are. Don't be afraid to get rid of the ones that slow you down. 5 simple habits that you can do daily will effectively change your life. Learn to master these habit, and the results will be effective thinking, valuable ideas, energetic app

Accelerate Success With Subliminal Mp3s

There are many ways to achieve success, like doing research or reading along the lines of the goal, observing other people who have already accomplished their goals, as well as discovering new ideas or doing new things to hasten reaching the goal are steps to be taken by anyone who is serious with a

You Can't Say Yes if You Can't Say No

A great source of fear in relationships is rejection by others. Not aware that we have rejected ourselves, we become overly hungry for the approval of others. This article shows how to turn this aroun

What Is Your Driving Emotions?

There are any number of emotions that will determine a person's actions and behaviors.On the positive side there are things like - desire, hope, joy, happiness, adventure, fun, pleasure, success, achievement, humility, compassion and then there are - guilt, anger, fear, power, resentment, blame

Luck or not

Is there a thing as luck or is our thinking a lot to what happens.The saying is that if Something doesn't quite to plan we assume it is all about our luck. Trying to console ...

Is Hypnosis For Real?

Is hypnosis for real?Can you really hypnotize someone do do those crazy things you see on tv?I'm not sure anyone can be hypnotized to do something they don't want to do.I do know hypnotism is being used for a wide variety of medical reasons, from helping folks quit smoking to losing weight

Women in Balance

Work life balance for woman has become more of a struggle over the past decade. As women's roles have evolved over the past years, significant changes have occurred both at work and at home. We are expected to work, to raise children, to maintain marriages, and to juggle the household tasks. Wo

Key Factors In Leadership And Training

Leadership and training are two significant factors in having a successful management that will lead to the success of an organization. Leadership is a vital part in managing an organization. To become a leader, you need to be fully equipped with great knowledge and skills on proper control of the e