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How to Find Your Wiper Blade Size

Wiper blades are sized in inches and finding the standard measurement of your blades is easily accomplished. Wiper manufacturers frequently have sizing guides on their websites and auto parts stores and discount retailers often provide sizing catalogs in their windshield wiper department. If you do

Adding Coolant to Radiator

A low radiator coolant level is a death sentence to your car's engine. Coolant keeps your car's engine from overheating during the warm months and keeps it from freezing during the cold months. If your car doesn't have enough coolant, the engine has to work harder. This leads to added pressure on th

How to Change the Air Filter in a Focus

The vast majority of Ford Focus vehicles need their air filters changed at regular intervals. This is a part of regular maintenance for almost any motor vehicle. You may occasionally encounter a Ford Focus with what was intended to be a lifetime air filter. If you're not sure which your vehicle has,

Car Ignition System Repairs

One should make sure that the automatic transmission is in the correct gear and the clutch on a manual transmission is completely depressed. If the car doesn't make a noise when it is started, check the battery terminal connections and then look for other loose connections in the ignition syste

1971 Corvette Stingray Colors

The 1971 Stingray came in 10 color options.corvette image by Julianna Olah from Fotolia.comThe Corvette Stingray is the only American-made sports car to have celebrated its 50th birthday. First produced in 1952, the Stingray marked its 25th year in 1978 by performing as a pace car for the...

How to Locate Rust on Your Car

Rust is a devious problem when it comes to cars. It can be hard to detect and, if left unchecked, can cause major headaches down the line. Rust can ruin paint and metal and is costly to repair. Finding rust on a car takes more than simply a cursory inspection, but rust can be detected with the right

How to Clean a Diamond-Plate Toolbox

Chrome diamond plate is commonly used to manufacture automotive accessories, from mud flaps to running boards and toolboxes. Diamond plate is a durable and attractive material that is well-suited to a variety of vehicles. Taking care of diamond plate is essential to maintaining its appearance. Routi

What You Ought To Know About Mazda Service?

Mazda cars are known for their sleek style and class. The exterior and interior of each Mazda car is of top-quality. Find SUVs, trucks, sports car and family cars that you're certain to adore. The stability and strength of the driver train, the efficient safety features, and the sensible prices

How to Replace Shocks & Springs on a BMW E30

Replacing the springs and shocks on an older BMW 3 Series like the E30 is one of the best ways to make it feel like new again. Old, worn-out shocks ruin the ride and handling of a car. When replacing the shocks, it is also easy to replace the springs for some stiffer ones that will improve your car'