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No Close, No Money

Yes, closing a sale may be 10% of your sales cycle, but it provides 100% of your revenue. You cannot afford to be a weak closer. Read this article for tips on closing any potential customer.

Loyalty Marketing - New Trends

Maintaining customer loyalty is a hard task for marketers during these days. Because of recession people are more prices. They expect better deals from their brand, at the same time if they tend to find best deals in competitors they adopt for that. Now it's time for marketers to question about

Advantages of Business Cards

For any professional or businessman, it is essential to use business cards. These cards are a great way to communicate with clients and potential customers. Many people do not like the other person writing their contact information on a piece of paper and giving it to them.

Get Organic Search Results to Work For You

If you own any online business I am sure after launching your website one of the first things you did was type keywords into search engines like Google to see where your site was ranked. And if you are like most businesses you were probably very disappointed in the results. However, getting your pag

How to Track Consumer Behavior

Track consumer behavior to improve business. Meeting the demands and needs of consumers will improve business quality and encourage those consumers to tell their friends and family about their positive experiences with the business. Consumer behavior includes an understanding of what consumers want,