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South Africa Takes Series

South Africa claimed the one-day international series against Zimbabwe after a 61-run victory in the second game gave the tourists an unassailable 2-0 lead. South Africa made 257 after being put in at Queens Sports ...

How to Train For SASS?

S.A.S.S. refers to the Single Action Shooting Society that exists in the form of an international organization looking forward to saving and encouraging the game of Cowboy Action Shooting. It approves area-based matches arranged by affiliated clubs, takes the responsibility of arranging The World ch

Advantages of practicing Martial Arts Benton

Learning Martial Arts Benton is beneficial for people of all ages, including both men and women. The self-defense tactics taught will help women and kids to protect themselves from antisocial or possibly dangerous individuals.When walking ...

Johnny Miller - We Have Something in Common

Johnny Miller had a near perfect final round in the 1973 Open. What hole would jump up and bite him? Have you ever seen a top world class 4 putt? How about 4 putt from 10 feet? The talented player would go on to carve a US Open record, but how long would that record stand and who would challenge it

Early History of British Horseracing

A brief history of the beginnings of British horse racing. Tracing the involvement of the Stuart dynasty and the influence of Arabian stallions.

Rock Climbing - Types of Climbing

The sport of climbing has many different facets to it- something that those who are not a part of the sport might not realize. If you're thinking of taking up rock climbing, it pays to first learn what you can about rock climbing and the types of climbing.

Quantum Physics - The Real Reason for the Red Sox Demise

Terry Francona is a great manager, but only if the people he is managing are self-confident, self-motivated people. Let's face it: athletes tend to be the most confident people in the world, even to the point of being arrogant. It is a necessary fuel that feeds their collective competitive engi


What is a grind in skateboarding? Grinding is sliding along an edge (such as a rail, curb or coping) using the trucks of the skateboard instead of the skateboard's wheels. Grinding is a popular skateboard trick and has many variants, such as the 50-50 grind, the 5-0 grind, etc. To find out more

How to Prepare For Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Class

Getting ready to take your first Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class can be nerve-wracking. You may not know what you should be doing. You may wonder what it will be like once your class starts. You could ...

MSAC Stadium View 1

Home of Table Tennis Victoria, the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC) is a world class facility close to the heart of Melbourne, Australia.

Cordwood Construction

Cordwood (also known as "stackwood" or "stovewood") masonry building is comprised of utilizing uniform pieces of raw wood and arranging them to assemble some sort of wall partition held together by means of mortar. It's ...

Climb Any Mountain

Mountain climbing gear is one of the most important aspects of mountain climbing. It is vital to have the proper equipment when you do this exhilarating sport. But sometimes finding the right gear can be confusing. Your mountain climbing gear should be durable and reliable and in order to have a saf

Soccer Stores - Shop Online For Great Value

Looking for soccer gear for kids? The soccer shirt market has exploded unnaturally over the past few months, as the world prepares for the FIFA World Cup 2010 this summer.

Surfing in North America - A Brief History

The sport of surfing wasn't born here but North America has certainly done it's part to adopt it as it's own. And it gave it it's first home in Southern California.Since the early 1900s when George Freeth and The Duke first rode the waves of California the sport of surfing in Nor

Training Options While Traveling

Keeping up with your training while you are on the road can be very difficult. You basically have three options available to you...

The Four Secret African Martial Arts

Martial arts in Africa? Yes, Africa, not Asia. It may seem unbelievable to some, but did you know that many African martial arts systems are actually over 50,000 years old?

When to Test the Water in a Koi Pond

Monitoring all the parameters, particularly ammonia, nitrite and pH, should be carried out as often as necessary to ensure that the pond remains healthy. Undertake the other tests when circumstances require, for example when oxygen levels fall in warm, thunder weather or when fish become lethargic.