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Running For Beginners And Those Who Aren't Even Sure They Can Run

Are you totally new to the world of running?Do you feel slightly timid to even be investigating the possibility of running?If you are doubtful that it's possible for you to run even one mile, then this article is just for you!Here's some encouragement on how to get started from someone who

Second Round

Cheyenne Woods is pictured in this photo from the second round of the 2009 Wegmans LPGA, her debut in an LPGA tournament.

Factors in Choosing a Hockey Stick

Generally, sticks made for use in hockey have standard configurations, though there are specialized lengths to accommodate even the shortest or tallest players. As an example, a junior-length stick will normally run from 46-53 inches in length. Professional ice hockey leagues all have standards for

Wing Chun Centerline - An Introduction

The centerline concept in Wing Chun Kung Fu is very simple in theory, and quite complicated in application; just like the game "Go." Many people disregard this idea because it seems to be so simple that it can't really be useful. As you will see it is one of the most important aspects

Taylormade R11 Golf Driver Evaluate

With a new year and a new golf time beneath-way, the golf community is raving about the most up-to-date improvements in golf club know-how. With Clubs taking some of the most significant technological leaps forward ...

Skydiving Options For Beginners

A friend of mine recently completed a sponsored tandem skydive for charity and he has gone on about nothing else since and his sudden love of jumping out of aeroplanes intrigued me, so I decided to find out a bit more about it.Here is my short guide to the different types of skydiving options open t

Kendo: Old School Samurai Sword Fighting

Kendo is a martial art that focuses on the art of the sword. Of course, live blade practice can be extremely dangerous, so use of wooden or bamboo weapons are common practice. This article gives you a bit of the history of this amazing martial art.

Electric Skateboard - The Next Generation of Alternative Transportation?

Pushing, pumping, tic-tacking, it's all so pathetically 90's. Get over it. No more kicking on that skateboard to get you around! The skateboards of the future are all electric.And OK, it may not work for flippy-do tricks but harnessing the energy of a electric skateboard is the closest fee

Yukon Advanced Optics 4x50 Night Vision Monocular

The Yukon Advanced Optics 4x50 Night Vision Monocular is the most recent device of this sort by Yukon, following the 2x24 and 3x42. It appears to be a winner right from the word "Go". The features and applications of this excellent monocular is discussed in this article.

Golfing Handicap System - The Basics

What is the handicap system? When buying golf equipment, it is recommended to ask the supplier what level of handicap the club is best suited for. Some golfing equipment is specifically tailored for scratch players whilst some is more suitable for higher handicap players.

What Is A False Favorite And A False Longshot In Horse Racing Handicapping

Almost everyone who has been horse racing handicapping for a while knows what a false favorite is, but how many people know what a false longshot is?Did you know there was such a thing as a false longshot?You've probably looked at many of them, but unfortunately did realize it until after the r

Adidas Uraha 2 Review - Stable Lightweight Running Shoe

Two things that make the Adidas Uraha 2 are stability and durability. These two things together are a very important aspect of any running shoe and provide you with a great means for injury prevention, running control and longevity. In this review I will explain what these features are and how they

Breathable Chest Waders Make Fly Fishing More Comfortable

While many fishermen are content to stand on the shore or to engage in their favourite hobby while relaxing on a boat with a drink in hand, fly fishing is a different story entirely. Fly fishing is a sport that puts you in the middle of the action by putting you in the middle of the water.

How You Can Play Better Golf

Let us consider the "apex" of your golf swing as I like to call it. The apex of the swing is that vital section from impact into the follow-through during which the club head stays on the line of flight, anything from ten inches to a foot past the point of impact, the longer the better. Wh

Fundamental Youth Baseball Coaching Tips!

Getting young players to keep their attention span at a high level is always a challenge for the youth baseball coach. My Suggestion is to incorporate a games type scenario into your practices.