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Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids Into Science

Telescopes encourage exploration of space.refractor telescope image by Jim Mills from Fotolia.comSelecting the perfect holiday gift isn't always easy. Taking time to consider the interests and hobbies of the recipient is a good place to start. Science-themed gifts at the holidays...

Star Wars Halloween Costumes for Kids

Star Wars has millions of dedicated fans around the globe. Many of those fans are children who see Halloween as the perfect opportunity to dress up as their favorite Star Wars character. Finding a suitable costume for the young Star Wars fan is easy to do.

How to Do Your Own Halloween Werewolf Fangs

If you find the Halloween season approaching and you want to stand out from the crowd and save a little money, make your own costume. Traditional costumes that play up the blood and gore of the holiday are good options for first-time costume makers because nothing is neat or pretty about a zombie o

Flashlights: A Practical Gift Idea

Gift ideas can be both wanted and needed.If you are looking for a gift idea like this, consider the wide world of flashlight possibilities.

How to Make Pinatas at Home

The breaking of the pinata is an old tradition that some scholars have traced from ancient China, others from the Mayans and others from the Aztecs. Today, children simply see it as a highlight of a Mexican-themed party. Each participant in turn is blindfolded, turned around several times and then l

Lutheran Children's Activities for Lent

Lent, the 40-day period before Easter, is a traditional time of fasting and prayer for Lutherans. Modern celebrations of Lent tend to involve giving up a food, hobby or vice for 40 days before Easter, rather than more traditional forms of fasting. It is also a time of discipline and of helping other

Birthday Cake Picture Ideas

Birthday cakes, along with gifts, are the highlight of most birthdays. Being treated for turning another year old, especially when turning older isn't welcomed, is a sweet gift in itself. Take pictures of colorful birthday cakes at home or at a party, using different camera angles. Set your camera s

Pole Games to Play

Kids don't need expensive computerized toys to have a good time. All it takes is a good imagination to dream up any number of fun games to play. For example, a standard pole that you might have in your basement or outside on a playground is a wonderful resource for inspiring a wide variety of activi

Homemade Kid's Tree Decorations

The holiday season creates an opportunity for parents and children to work together to create fun, colorful ornaments for the tree. For a truly homemade holiday, purchase a small Christmas tree for the kids to decorate with crafted decorations.

Crazy Ideas for Girl Scout Awards

The Girl Scouts were founded in Savannah, Georgia, to help girls become strong and confident women.scout image by Andrey Kiselev from Fotolia.comIt's a safe bet that Founder Juliette Gordon Low never figured on merit badges for nuclear science when she founded the Girl Scouts one spring...

Ben 10 Character Birthday Party Ideas

Simply purchasing decorations and games for a Ben 10 fan's birthday party may seem easy, but it can be costly. Involve the guest of honor in creating a Ben 10 birthday that will bring lasting memories

How to Make a Paper Rosette Christmas Tree

Create festive holiday decorations with leftover Christmas paper and a little ingenuity. A paper rosette Christmas tree is not complicated, but can be time consuming if you're covering a large cone shape. Get the kids involved to help fold the paper rosettes to make this a family craft project. Top

Top 5 Staycation Ideas

Sometimes summer vacation doesn't mean leaving town at all. Some of the best family vacations can be spent right in the comfort of home. By cutting out transportation costs, food costs and en

Halloween Made Easy

Tips and suggestions for making Halloween Trick-or-Treating easy, fun, and nutritional for your princesses and goblins. Don't forget to stay health conscious during the festivities!

How to Make a Resident Evil Alice Costume

Zombies are popular characters at Halloween parties and science fiction conventions, and, where there are zombies, naturally, you'll see zombie hunters. One of the most famous and most often emulated of these zombie hunters is Alice from the Resident Evil video game series. An Alice costume should l

Painting & Decorating Ideas

The color of paint and how you use that color should reflect your personality and style. It won't do that effectively if you just want to get the job done. Once you've learned how to use paint effectively, you'll gain a whole new outlook on color, and your visitors will notice the improvement.

More Halloween Games

What better way to keep the Halloween party spirit alive can there be than to indulge yourselves in some good old fashioned family fun games.These simple to organise Halloween party games will delight the kids and keep them amused for hours.

Types of Christmas Decorating Ideas

Capture the warmth of the holidays with festive indoor and outdoor decorations.Christmas Decorations 4 image by wayne ruston from Fotolia.comDecorating your home for Christmas can range from a subdued expression of spirit to an explosion of lit, animated objects. Create a festive holiday...

How to Make a Mermaid Tail With a Fabric Bottom

The mermaid is a legendary creature that is believed to reside in the ocean. It is said to have a upper torso form of a woman with a tail that is shaped like a fish. You can pretend to be a mermaid by wearing a mermaid costume or just the tail. There are many creative ways to make your own mermaid