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What Groups Work With Great Danes?

Keep your Great Dane as healthy and happy as possible by joining a group that provides you with the resources to be an effective companion to your dog. Whether you need help with training, health issues or socialization, Great Dane breeders and groups can educate you on the particular needs of your

How to Help a Yorkie Give Birth

When you first suspect your Yorkshire terrier is pregnant, there is a lot to do to prepare for the birth of her puppies. Take her to the vet for a complete medical checkup. She needs extra care to remain healthy throughout her pregnancy. When the big day arrives, make sure you are there to help her

Choosing Your Dog's Collar and Lead

Pet shops can stock many types of collars and leads. Generally,your choice will depend on what you prefer, but there are a few points to take into consideration.

Is Your Dog Food Nothing But Fillers or Is It Natural and Nutritious

During the year of 2007 there was a massive recall of pet food products.Many pet owners were left wondering if they had mistakenly poisoned their dog by not knowing the true ingredients of the food they were serving.Since this recall a movement has begun whereby owners are seeking more safe, natural

Pekingese Hairstyles

The Pekingese is a breed of dog from ancient China. The Chinese emperor kept Pekingese dogs in the palace and they accompanied him wherever he went. These small, sturdy dogs are famous for their furry mane that gives them the nickname "lion dogs." The Pekingese breed's face resembles the face of anc

Homemade Dog Food Recipes

These recipes attempt to duplicate the kind of nutrition dogs might find in a wild environment. If you don't want to prepare them on a daily basis, you can instead reserve them for special occasions. All recipes are intended for a medium sized dog.

Shih Tzu for Sale - Look for a Breeder Connected to a Breeding Circle

Not every pet owner with a big heart for small dogs have the requisite finances to purchase them; that's why many look for Shih Tzu for sale while looking out for the cheapest deals. That, right there, is a risk, since puppy mills abound. The profit motive is what drives non-legitimate Shih Tzu

What Are the Treatments for Dogs With Skin Rashes?

Dog rashes are often itchy and cause a dog to scratch and lick itself.dog image by Erg??n ?--zsoy from Fotolia.comSkin rashes are often a symptom of a health problem that is affecting the dog. Skin rashes usually appear as areas of small, red pustules that may cause itchiness with the...

What Is Crating?

Find out what crating is. A dog crate is a type of kennel for dogs which is portable and is easily transported around. Its use is to contain the dog for a brief and temporary duration of time so that a specific task can be carried out.

8 Ways to Improve Your Dog Training

Dog training can be done a number of ways and different methods get different results. Below are 8 tips to improve the way your train your dog. Master these 8 tips and your dog will be a superstar.

Raw Dog Food - Is It The Way To Go?

You only have to read the ingredients list on a packet of dog food to realize how full of unnecessary ingredients it is. There are additives, fillers and meat with a questionable origin. With this in mind, should we be thinking about switching our pets diet to a raw one?

Puppy Love

People consider their puppies more than pets. Some people even talk to their animals. Women especially. I wonder why? Maybe because the puppy listens and never talks back.Puppies love to play. They also love chewy bones and noisy toys. They also thrive on attention and affection, and enjoy being sho

4 Tips to a Happy Dog

How can you keep your dog happy? Well, there's more to it than just dog biscuits, table scraps, a nice dog house, a ball, and a daily 10 minute walk. Those things are all good, but there's a lot more to it.

How Many Cups of Food Should I Feed My Dog?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulates dog food packaging and guidelines.the dog image by hupper from Fotolia.comDaily Feeding InstructionsAll dry, bagged and canned dog foods must indicate feeding instructions on the package, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration....

Puppy Training Techniques For the Whole Family

Introducing a new puppy into a household is an exciting time for everyone. What to do once it is settled in is another issue. Training your puppy can be fun for the whole family as well, as long as formal teaching is left consistently to one person to avoid confusion.

Summer Is Tick Time

Summer is here again and the ticks are back. Yes summer time is a bad time for dogs when it comes to ticks. It's a known fact that ticks can carry disease so let's talk about some of the things you can do to keep your dog tick free.