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Castello Di Lucignano

Remarkable history and breathtaking beauty of the medieval village, Lucignano, leaves its visitors with a sense of fascination and serenity. The village's extensive history has been revealed through a range of incredible findings including Etruscan artifacts, its Roman wall that continues to fu

Discover the Enchantment of Shinjuku Garden

Take a break from the rush and toil, saunter into the Shinjuku Garden and you will be overwhelmed by the serenity and peace you have always wanted. Admire the blossoming flora, a sip of tea or just sit on the emerald green lawn to soothe your senses.

Barcelona Beat: Fun and Sun City!

with the MACBA (Museum of contemporary art) grounds serving as a picturesque venue for your skateboarding thrills! There is also a skating goods shop nearby.

Spain Costa Dorada

The Gold Coast or Costa Dorada lies on the coast of Catalonia on the Mediterranean shore-line and is characterized by the typical mild temperate climate and year-round sunshine. The temperatures do drop a few degrees ...

The Venetian Lagoon and Its Islands

Not just Venice, the Venetian Lagoon can offer a lot of beauties to admire, reachable in a short time and in which walking and admiring the splendors of the past is pleasant and relaxing. This beautiful landscape is not far away from the historical city and the most beaten paths of the mass tourism,

How to Choose the Right Beach For You

Most people love a day at the beach.There's something about the sun glistening on the aqua water that has a very alluring effect.The ever-present breeze offers an oasis of comfort from hot, humid temperatures.The sound of waves breaking along the shoreline, with their rhythmic cadence, cause ev

Cancun vacation package all inclusive

Sometimes the rough and tumble of modern living can leave you feeling pretty darn burnt out, that's when you know it's time for a little fun in the sun. With a Travel USA Cancun vaca

Take Part in Experiential Learning at the Island's Exciting Sea School

If you're a resident or visitor to Sanibel Island, take advantage of a unique opportunity to learn about marine ecosystems and conservation through vibrant experiences at the Sanibel Sea School. The Sanibel School provides programs and services that include experiential learning as well as rese

The Best Hot Springs and Resort Towns in Japan

Hundreds of hot springs known locally as Onsens dot the landscape of Japan. The natural springs have been developed into spas where people can rejuvenate and relax. There are many hot spring baths and resort ...

Tour in Malaysia - Themed Packages and Destinations

To say that there are plenty of Malaysia tourist destinations is an understatement. When you travel to Malaysia, you will realize how different yet similar this world is from what you know. Part of a great tour in Malaysia is to experience the culture on top of the magnificent landscapes and beaches

How To Prevent Accidents In The Hotel Pool When Traveling With Your Children

No matter how old they are, your kids will love being around the resort or hotel swimming pool. This is especially true if you've chosen to vacation at an all inclusive resort where they will likely be more than one large pool, and many of these will be outfitted with plenty of water sports gea

Cheonggye Stream - The Heart of Seoul

Cheonggye. The very meaning of the name, "clear creek", implies a natural clear water flowing through Seoul's city center. A refreshing breeze of picturesque canopy, it shelters its various inhabitants from the steel glare of modern Seoul.

Favela Tour in Rio De Janeiro

To see how the other half lives in Rio de Janeiro adventurous travelers should tour the favelas.The majority of Rio's residents live in these shanty towns and it's a very revealing look at the haves and have nots in the shadow of Copacabana Beach.

Recommended Hospitals in Surat, India

As businesses and commerce grows in the Eastern region of the world, many cities seem to become metropolises quickly. One of these cities is Surat, located in India, which becomes a major center of commerce due to its textile and diamond business. If you have the chance to go to Surat, you need to f

The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, fondly referred to as V &A Waterfront, is one of the premier areas around Cape Town. The area comprises not only a working harbour but also numerous gathering places and historical sites as well. Visitors and locales alike enjoy everything from live music, theatre,