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Detox Diets - Are They a Necessity For Better Health?

New Year is a traditional time of year to start a weight loss diet or detox the body after a couple of weeks of overindulgence.There are lots of diet aids and plans published in newspapers and magazines but medical evidence suggests that our own bodies are the best "detox agents."

Ramadan - A Nutrition Solution?

Every year, when we sit down and prepare for iftar, I am disturbed at the amount of food that is prepared to break (or open) the fast, this coupled with the actual types of food that are presented is seriously a double whammy! Most of the food is deep-fried, full of sugar, highly processed and cause

Seaveg: Make Life Stronger And Healthier!

Seaveg is a miracle drug that can help your body stay young for a longer time. It provides your body with essential nutrients. These nutrients make the human body glow with inner health and make it easier to lead a healthy life.

All You Should Know About Goji Berries

Grown in Mongolia, Himalayas, Tibet and China, goji berries have continued to form a significant part of traditional Chinese medicine. They are a bit elongated in shape, are reddish in color and are also referred ...

How to Sustain Your New Year's Resolutions

New Year's resolutions are often an intent that is doomed to failure. In music, resolution indicates a sense of completion or a harmonious resting point. To make sure we are successful in our resolutions, we must set up landmarks for completion, resulting in a sense of success along the way. Th

Amino Acids and There Sources

Proteins are made up of amino acids. There are in all 23 amino acids in food proteins. Different proteins contain different proportions of the various amino acids.

Why Everyone Should Eat 6 Times a Day

No matter who we are or where we came from, there is one hobby that every human has in common and that is to eat. Food is a prevalent part of society, and most social encounters are built around a meal. Who doesn't enjoy fine cuisine and a chance to delight their pallets?

Weight Loss: Does It Really Have to Be So Hard?

As I got a bit older, I've noticed my belly fat seems to stay no matter how much basketball I play. I avoided 'diets' for years, but finally started a fitness program that helped me lose 14 p

Healthy Afternoon Snacks Kids Will Love

In today's society time is everything. It's very difficult to continually prepare healthy snacks for your children, so most people just grab sugary, fattening and cancer causing snacks from the grocery store. Here are some healthier tips on snacks. Make sure to avoid too much dairy because

Can Drinking of Orange Juice Kill You?

You feel tired, exhausted, your muscle aches, and you're starting to cough and your nose is running. What to do? It's time for your grandma's home remedies: orange juice, chicken soup, onions, garlic, honey, ginger, coin rub and others. But wait, don't do it. Some of those home r

Health Benefits of Wheatgrass Juice

Most people know that drinking the juice from wheatgrass is a healthy addition to their diets. Athletes drink wheatgrass juice for energy and stamina, while those who are conscious of their health drink it as a rich, natural source of vitamins and chlorophyll. But what are the specific benefits of t

Nutritionists Simply Know Nutrition

In the most basic sense of the it, food is fuel your body machine. People who live and work in as frenetic a place as New York City need to give their bodies the cleanest ...

Why Fat-Free Diets Do Not Make Us Thin

For several decades, Americans have been told to eat less fat to maintain a healthy weight. Take a look at any supermarket shelf and the effects of this advice are obvious - nearly every original food product has an adjacent low-fat or fat-free counterpart.

Vitamin D Facts You Should Know

Vitamin D can help to prevent rickets, osteoporosis, depression, schizophrenia, some cancers, diabetes and obesity. It is often called the sunshine vitamin because your body actually makes vitamin D when sunlight hits your skin. Having the appropriate amount of vitamin D in your body is important be

Healthy Fats For Good Health

Even though excess fats cause problems everywhere from obesity to heart conditions, they are still crucial for a well functioning body.Therefore you still need to supply your body with healthy fats to maintain optimal health.

Solgar - One Name Fitness Freaks Swear By

The availability of health-enhancing supplements and tonics has made it possible for many health-freaks to accomplish their targets in shorter, easier time these days. In today's times where there is a growing awareness about fitness, Solgar products contribute to the health craze.