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Goji Berries: Mother Nature's Vine-Grown Vitamins

For centuries on end, herbalists in Tibet and Mongolia have recommended small red berries called 'Goji' as a remedy for those suffering from a variety of problems. In fact, the people of Tibe

Uterine Fibroids and the Need For Good Nutrition

Uterine fibroids are benign tumors that grow in the uterine wall and are the main reason for hysterectomies in the United States. Hysterectomies are performed more often for fibroids than for all of the gynecologic cancers combined.

What's Fiber Got To Do With It?

The word fiber is constantly thrown around when it comes to weight-loss talk. But who really knows what fiber is and the importance it plays when it comes to losing weight?

Toenail Fungus Diet - Is Nutrition Important to Fight Nail Fungus?

Toenail fungus is a widespread problem that is remarkably difficult to treat. Even modern medicine, with the millions that are invested annually, has a hard time addressing the issue sufficiently. There are treatments, but they are inconsistent at best. Doctors do know that the condition is a combin

Is Chocolate Healthier Than It Is Delicious?

You may have heard of the health benefits of chocolate, but do you know just how good it is for you? Learn 3 of the ways it can improve your health, and even fight the signs of aging, and then find out just how much you need to feel the benefits. Discover the right type of chocolate to choose along

Rawleigh Offers a Topical Option for Sore Muscles

If you workout or if you've engaged in activities that might strain your body, you may need to find a treatment for sore muscles. Generally, the soreness is caused by damage to the fibers in ...

Radiation and Food Health

Irradiated food is being promoted on the Internet as being safe but is it really? Not according to the few tests that have been done on lab animals and humans. Irradiation has caused muscular dystrophy, internal bleeding, kidney failure, chromosomal damage and tumours. And these are just the few we

Discover The Secret Seven Best Foods For Liver Health

What exactly are the best foods for liver health? Well food products that will boost liver organ wellbeing fit in 2 categories the ones that help cleanse the liver and the ones that are packed with anti-oxidants that protect the liver whilst you cleanse it.

Managing Your Weight With Your Diet

The best way to manage your weight these days with our busy lifestyles has got to be by watching what we put into our mouths.Food is not only a must for us to function in life but is also a pleasurabl

Does It Matter What You Eat While You Are Taking Medicine

The efficiency of some medicine really depends on what you eat and drink because some foods can counteract medicine. What foods should you avoid, if you are prescribed antibiotics, pain-killers, sleeping pills, diuretic or laxative medicine?

Five Tricks To Eat Less

We start panicking when we realize that over the long winter, we may have let ourselves go a little bit. On top of exercise and eating healthy meals there is always something more you can do to lose weight. Eat less. Using a few tricks you can still feel like you ate a hearty winter meal but in smal

Replace the Sugar in Your Diet With Stevia

Perhaps you've already decided to try and cut some sugar from your diet, there are certainly lots of reasons to. But you know that artificial sweeteners are not the way to go. Many have been linked with health problems.

Pre-Wedding Diets

How far away is your big wedding day? One week? One month? One year? Does it matter? It could even be sometime soon and you may not even know it so it's best to be ...

Boomer Bone Health - It's Not Just Calcium You Need to Keep Your Bones Healthy

Well all know about taking supplemental calcium to maintain bone health but what else can we do? Some of the conventional recommendations such as eat plenty of dairy, might be doing just the opposite of what you want--strong bones. Read this article for the skinny on what healthy, flexible bones rea