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How to Preserve Fresh Flowers in Glass

The oldest examples of preserved flowers date back to ancient Egypt where people were buried with floral wreaths and garlands, which dried over time. The deliberate preservation of flowers for art originated in Japan, and became popular in Victorian England. Preserved flowers are used for cataloging

How to Plant Soilless Potatoes

Potatoes form as tubers underground. Some potatoes usually are lost during harvest when digging them pierces the tubers and damages them. Potatoes grown in soil also are difficult to clean and may suffer from soil-borne diseases. Growing soilless potatoes in straw makes harvesting simpler and protec

About Liriope As Ground Cover

Traditionally, liriope, or "monkey grass," has been used as a border for lawns and gardens, but it can create a lovely, practical ground cover. It spreads easily, is drought tolerant and requires little care.

What Are White Bumps on Garden Potatoes?

The pores on the garden potato, known as lenticels, become swollen and white. This gives the potato the appearance of having white bumps on its skin. The condition occurs when the potato is in the ground or after it has been stored.

How to Make a Flower Chandelier

Elegant light fixtures can refresh a room instantly. Foyers, dining rooms and teen girls' rooms can all benefit from a light, colorful flower chandelier. Though a fixture like this can be expensive commercially, you can make one at home for around $20. As long as you have an existing light fixture i

How to Cure Brown Spots on Leaves

Many types of plants may have a few brown spots on the leaves, but the combination of excessive spots and other symptoms usually indicates a fungal infection. Infected leaves often fall off prematurely, and spotting may spread to the plant's branches. Neglected or over-watered plants are especially

Small Flowering Shrubs

The wood's rose produces an abundance of tiny rose-like blossoms followed by colorful hips.Hemera Technologies/AbleStock.com/Getty ImagesSmall flowering shrubs can fill a garden area with colorful blossoms and abundant foliage. Strategic planting of a shrub can help hide an unsightly area...

How to Care for a Maximilian Sunflower

Maximilian sunflowers (Helianthus maximiliani) are perennial plants that reach heights of 3 to 10 feet tall, depending upon growing conditions. They have hairy, medium-green stems and boast numerous vibrant yellow flowers from the end of summer into early fall. They grow best in full sun and flouris

Red Spider Lily Plant Facts

The red spider lily (Lycoris radiate) develops its flowers during the hurricane season, earning it the nickname Hurricane Lily. This bulb is hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 7 through 10.

Good Plants for Planting in the North

A larch turns yellow before it loses its needles in fall.autumn image by Igor Baryshev from Fotolia.comA primary challenge to gardening in the northern United States and Canada is winter cold. Gardeners in this chilly region have to carefully select plants that will survive winters so...

What Is Potash?

A soil amendment is any additive that provides nutrients the soil would otherwise lack. Gardeners and farmers add soil amendments before plants are placed in the ground to "prepare" the soil, or they add them to the soil around a plant as it grows. Potash is a common soil amendment that supplements

Do Peppers Grow Fast?

Peppers do not grow as fast as the radish, which is ready for picking in just three to four weeks, but they are a popular gardener's delight and a staple that yields bountiful fruit in as few as 60 days. As tender annuals, peppers are considered easy to grow by many home gardeners, but they do requi

How to Make a Furrow With a Push Plow

Using an old-fashoined push plow to create furrows in your home garden can save you time and effort at planting time. A push plow consists of a large wheel with a plow attachment behind the wheel. You simply push the plow ahead of you and leave a furrow in your wake. It saves you from having to bend

Which Fluids Help Plants Grow Taller?

Liquid fertilizer can make delphiniums grow taller.Flower garden image by MAXFX from Fotolia.comAccording to Clemson University, fertilizers are broken into two types, chemical and organic, and two forms, granular and fluid. Several fluid fertilizers make plants grow taller, wider and...

How to Make a Small Ecosphere

Biology Online defines an ecosphere as "the region of space around a star that is considered able to support life" and "the earth, all of the organisms living on it, and all of the environmental factors which act on the organisms. The volume of area where biological matter can exist, slightly above,

When Should I Plant Watermelon Seedlings in DC?

Washington DC is located in USDA planting zones 6 and 7, and has annual average minimum temperatures between -5 degrees Fahrenheit and 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Watermelons grow well in this area, but must be planted at the proper time.

How to Grow Lindera Benzoin

Lindera Benzoin is a shrub native to the United States and sometimes called the "Forsythia of the Wild." It gets this name for its resemblance to the yellow flowering plant forsythia. Another common name is "Spicebush" because it releases a fragrance when bruised. Lindera Benzoin can grow up 12 feet

Flowers for Sunny Spots

Many flowers thrive in fully lit, sunny areas of the garden.flowers image by Blu-Mu from Fotolia.comBright, sunny areas of the garden should be enjoyed -- but often, they are not. Many plants require a certain amount of shade during the day, something to relieve the leaves and soil of...

Water Quality Issues With Indoor Waterfalls

A waterfall is an architectural element that needs to be maintained to ensure water quality.indoor waterfall image by Craig Hosterman from Fotolia.comKeeping the water in an indoor waterfall looking pristine can be a difficult job. While swimming pools and spas are filtered and chemically...

Cacao Tree & Beech Tree

The cacao tree (Theobroma cacao) is a small evergreen species native to South America that is cultivated around the world. Beech (Fagus) is a deciduous tree that grows in the United States and Europe. Both species have economic importance.