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How to Identify a Broadleaf Weed

Dozens of broadleaf weed varieties exist, but it only takes one kind -- dandelions, for example -- to take root in your lawn or garden and overrun your turf or flowers and vegetables. To stop that, you need to be able to identify broadleaf weeds. Look for plants with wide leaves that are flat and ge

How to Mix Organic Soil

Growing healthy organic produce in the home garden starts with good organic soil. The soil in container plants and seedling trays shouldn't be from a bag at the store, as these often are treated with fertilizers and other chemicals you want to avoid. Creating your own soil mixes isn't difficult and

What Mechanisms Do Plants Use to Load Sucrose?

The evolution of an internal vascular systems allows plants to flourish outside of a water environment. That same vascular system allows for the taking in of nutrients and water to make the sugars plants use for food, as well as distribute the unused sugars to storage places within the plants. Sucro

Can You Prune Evergreen Shrubs Any Time of Year?

Consider your timing before pruning your evergreens: Although evergreens retain their foliage year-round, they are still sensitive to seasonal weather shifts. This means that pruning at the wrong time of year can lead to damage or disease. Though healthy shrubs can tolerate heavy trims better than w

Eucalyptus Tree Diseases in the Southwest Desert

The eucalyptus tree is well suited for the climate of the southwestern desert. It was originally imported from Australia, a country with extensive deserts and occasional drought issues. However, even though the eucalyptus is well suited for this climate, it does not mean it is an issue-free plant.

Pests for Roses

Widely cultivated for their beauty, roses are vulnerable to a number of diseases and insects that can diminish the quality of flowers. Most of the pests that attack roses are not lethal for the plant, but they can affect flowering, kill parts of the plant and mar the visual aspect of the roses.

How to Root a Sweet Potato Vine Cutting

Rooting a sweet potato vine can easily be done by even the blackest of thumbs. With only a few simple step you can turn sweet potato vine cuttings into plants of their own.

Types of Globose Cacti

Cacti grow in a number of different forms. Some, such as saguaros, have a tree-like form. Two other possibilities include the bushy and columnar forms, exemplified by the prickly pear (Opuntia species) and the myrtle cactus (Myrtillocactus geometrizans), respectively. Globular cacti are a small vari

What Kind of Plant Does the Mosquito Hate?

Repel mosquitoes with catnip and scented geranium plants.Simon Murrell/Polka Dot/Getty ImagesA swarm of biting mosquitoes can easily ruin an outdoor baseball game, picnic or evening get-together. You are in luck if you prefer to control the mosquitoes in your yard without the use of...

The Uses of Wood From Redbud Trees

The Eastern redbud tree grows throughout the eastern and plains areas of the United States, and it's the state tree of Oklahoma. This tree has a short life and rarely reaches more than 40 feet tall. In spring, it's covered in small pink blooms and thick, glossy leaves. The wood has no useful value,

How to Control Rust on Hydrangea Involucrata

Though Hydrangea involucrata is favored in the garden for its August bloom of pink or blue lacecap flowers and its delicately toothed light green leaves, rust disease can interrupt this otherwise prized visual impact. While repeated applications of appropriate fungicides may help control the fungal

What Eats the Leaves of an Orange Tree?

The foliage of young orange trees often suffers the most severe infestations from leaf feeding pests. Older, more established trees rarely suffer severe damage or defoliation. Early control and identification of the pests can lower the damage the tree sustains.

What Is Causing My Peony Leaves to Dry Out?

Peonies are large, lush landscape plants that grow best in cooler areas of the country. They produce colorful, decorative blooms in many sizes, shapes, colors and patterns, but always need the right conditions and care to flower. They may show their displeasure with the site, soil or water through l

What Are Some Plants in the Desert?

For plants to survive in the desert, they have to withstand hot and dry conditions. There are actually two types of climates associated with deserts. A subtropical desert has an annual average temperature above 50 degrees Fahrenheit and about 39 inches of annual rainfall. A temperate desert has lowe

Why Do Plants Move to the Sun?

Plants have adapted ways to make use of the light available to them to the greatest efficiency possible. Sometimes this requires a plant to turn toward a light source. This is best demonstrated by a houseplant that grows toward a window and needs to be turned frequently so it does not fall over.

Is Honeysuckle Poisonous?

Honeysuckle is a shrub or a vine, depending on the species, that produces berries and nectar. Honeysuckle is a potentially poisonous plant to pets and humans, although wildlife will often eat of the plant with no repercussions.

Perennials for Semi Shade

Daylilies are popular perennials.Summer is here image by swanem from Fotolia.comPerennials are plants that come back year after year from the roots, as opposed to biennials which rely on setting seeds to grow back the following year. Perennials have quickly become a gardener's favorite...

Properties of Wild Cherry Bark

Wild cherry bark, which is the bark of the wild cherry tree (Prunus serotina) that grows throughout the United States, is used in alternative medicine as a cough suppressant and astringent. It contains several chemical substances which are known to have a medicinal effect, and at one time it was use

How to Grow a Beefsteak Tomato

Beefsteak tomatoes are large and ideal for cutting into thick slices. A single beefsteak tomato can weigh as much as 2 lbs. The tomatoes bloom late, and they should be planted three to four weeks after the threat of frost passes. Beefsteak tomatoes are typically found at farmer’s markets, and