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Landscaping With Washed Stones

Flowers, shrubs and trees are only part of a winning landscape design. Hard elements such as fences, fountains, patios and stones can also play a big role in making the exterior of your home a showplace. With the right choices, your home can become the envy of the neighborhood, and washed stones hav

Canine Worms & Lawn Sanitation

It is important for dog owners to pick up the feces of their dogs from lawns. Dog feces attract insects like flies, but they also harbor parasitic worms.

Free Ideas for Landscaping Around Decks

A lack of landscape can make your deck look unattractive.deck image by Albert Lozano from Fotolia.comWhether you've got a tall raised deck or a simple platform deck, the way you landscape the space around it can increase or decrease your home's curb appeal. How a plant or object will look...

How to Retain Walls With Cement Blocks

Cement blocks can be used in structures called retaining walls to help shore up slopes, mitigate erosion and add garden space in yards. The ideal spots for retaining walls are along the fronts and sides of homes, along driveways and around trees. Cement blocks can be stacked atop one another (fittin

How Wood Porch Swings Help People Who Are In Love

Some people can't help their selves to think of someone special. When a person feels this way, he or she wants to be alone so he or she could think or imagine that certain person very well with nobody to disturb.

Deck Seating Ideas

Many people enjoy entertaining, especially when they have a special place and space to bring the party outdoors. There is something about fresh air, food and great company that leaves everyone feeling good at the end of the day. Once you decide where to build your deck and other relevant details, it

Sydney Provide the Best Landscaping

The landscape in Sydney is beautiful designed by the famous and eminent architects. The landscapes are often used for the business related purpose. Many residential projects have already constructed in the vast landscape of Sydney. ...

Do-It-Yourself Child Gates

If you have small children in your home, then you probably spend a lot of time keeping them out of certain areas. Child gates are a good way to keep children where they need to be, but store-bought gates can get very expensive. It can also be difficult to find a gate in the right size. It is very e

The Best Grass Seed for Southwest Texas

Southwest Texas spans a large swath of land from San Antonio south, west toward Laredo, and reaching over into the Big Bend region. It experiences dry conditions with little rainfall throughout the year. Lawn and turf grasses for this area should be drought-tolerant and remain vibrant and...

The Role of Nitrogen in Plants

Nitrogen plays a powerful role in the development of plant life. If the soil is too rich in nitrogen, plants may not thrive and may wilt before maturing. If the soil is too low in nitrogen, plants may not be as productive. Understanding the role of nitrogen in plants can help you to become a better

Going Native in Landscaping Your Austin, Texas Yard

Planting or landscaping your Austin, Texas yard will not only enhance your homes beauty and value but will also help preserve the natural environment around it. Austin is a unique area and with that comes a unique climate and unique soils. The climates in this part of Texas can be very hot with dry

Drip Irrigation Information

Drip irrigation is an alternative to sprinkler systems for watering gardens and crops. Even amateur gardeners can install their own drip irrigation systems.

How to Turn the Idle Down on a Model 917.378770 Briggs & Stratton Mower

The Craftsman model 917.378770 walk-behind lawnmower sold by Sears is equipped with a Briggs & Stratton seven horsepower gasoline engine. The carburetor on the Briggs & Stratton has an idle-adjustment screw that conserves fuel and helps the engine run smoothly when the mower is stationary. The idle

How to Plant Grass in the Winter in Southern California

Much of Southern California fits into the USDA plant hardiness zone 9 category, so it generally has hot temperatures in the summer and mild temperatures in winter. Due to the mild winter temperatures, grass seed can be safely planted even in the coldest month. Take into consideration the proper type

How to Get Rid of Little Lizards

Small lizards are pests that can infest your lawn, garden and home. While they do not pose a health risk, lizards can be unnerving, disgusting and simply annoying. There are over 150 different types of lizards in North America. Luckily all small lizards are dealt with in pretty much the same manner.

Difference Between Fieldstone & Flagstone

When working with stone, it takes time and effort. It's an easy or quick process, but the outcome makes the time that you spent (and money) quite worthwhile. You can create a structure or walkway or or patio that is unlike anyone else's because each project is going to look different because stone v

Synthetic Grass: Several Cash Saving Benefits

There is only so long you can procrastinate before things get out of control, yet yard upkeep has certainly not been my preferred way to pass the time. An angry HOA, kids disappointed they can't play in the yard, overgrown grass. A tremendous annoyance can rapidly arise. That's why, follow

The Art of Master Planning

The Master Plan is an essential tool when planning ahead and discussing the development of any property at any scale. Master Plans can be used to plan any sized parcel from intimate spaces measured in feet, to large broad reaching regional plans, covering large tracts of lands and geographic regions

Salt Desert Shrub Habitats

Salt desert shrub habitats are found in the deserts of North America.Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty ImagesSalt desert shrub habitats are found throughout deserts in North America. These habitats occur at low elevation in eroding wastelands that receive low annual precipitation. Although...