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Things People Use to Find Hurricanes

Hurricane detection is of utmost importance for billions of people who live on or near coastlines around the world. Hurricane death tolls typically ran in the hundreds or even thousands before the advent of modern detection techniques -- the Galveston Hurricane of 1900 claimed an estimated 8,000 to

Taxonomy Tools

Taxonomy is a general approach to categorizing objects in a hierarchical fashions. The most common use for this approach is biology, where animal populations are grouped into species. Those species are placed into groups called genera, which are placed into families, orders, and so on. Taxonomy is a

The Difference Between Pharaoh Quail Vs. Bobwhite Quail

Quail, small migratory birds, are found throughout the world. They are popular among game hunters and commonly bred for sale to restaurants, grocery stores, gun dog training facilities and hunting preserves. Pharaoh quail and bobwhite quail are two types commonly found both in the wild and on game p

The CR2032 Battery Test DIY

The CR2032 battery is a lithium button cell battery that produces 3 volts when new. Button cell batteries are used to power devices that use very little energy such as watches or light emitting diodes (LEDs). A CR2032 battery generally lasts a long time, due to the low energy requirement of the devi

How to Weather German Helmets

German helmets from all eras are very collectible, ranging in worth from hundreds of dollars up to thousands of dollars as of 2010. They are made from various grades of steel, including steel infused with silicon that was painted with very hard, durable paint. Weathering a German helmet takes a grea

How to Mold Clay

Pottery is an ancient art that has been practiced by civilizations around the world. Ancient vessels have stood the test of time and show us today that pottery was not simply used as a functional tool, but as displays of artistic talent. The art of pottery making continues today and many people enjo

How to Cut Finished Wood With a Table Saw

In practice, cutting finished wood on a table saw is just like cutting any other wood. The difficulty rests in the chipping and bearding caused by the table saw blade, which can ruin the finish on the wood if done too quickly. Generally, it is a good idea to work with unfinished wood when making cut

How to Convert Icecast to RTMP

Icecast is a digital streaming service that lets users and companies stream MP3 files on their servers. Icecast allows users to stream using Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) format, which works in Flash applications. However, you have to make a modification to your stream before you launch it. As

Why Do Chemical Reactions Take Place?

Chemical reactions are part of life. Without specific reactions occurring between chemicals on a minute-to-minute basis, life could not exist. The chemical reactions that occur regularly in nature help plants to grow and leaves to turn green--not to mention helping you digest your lunch.

How to Paint & Decorate Arrows

Bows and arrows date back approximately 10,000 years ago to the Paleolithic era from 8,000 and 9,000 BC in an area of northern Germany, state the Web site "New Archaeology." Ancient peoples decorated their arrows with berry stains or feathers, so there's no reason you can't decorate arrows you make

Mushroom Hunting in the Bay Area

The San Francisco Bay Area features hundreds of varieties of edible mushrooms growing wild. Mushroom hunting is the practice of going out into the woods to search for, and harvest, these wild mushrooms.

The Properties of Copper Tungsten

Copper tungsten alloys are a used in a wide variety of applications including heat sinks in electrical devices, resistance welding, electrical contacts and machining where the alloy is used as an arc contact. The alloy properties are dependent on the mixture of the copper and tungsten alloy. Typical

How to Use Armour Etch Glass-Etching Cream

Armour Etch glass-etching cream allows even the most novice of crafters to create beautiful designs on glass. No special tools are necessary; the applied cream does the work. Glass gifts and home accessories that will be cherished for years can quickly be embellished with an etched monogram, the dat

Flow Rate Vs. Pipe Size

Properly pumping water through pipelines is an essential part of the makeup of modern society. It is important to know how much water can be transported and a key factor in this is the size of the pipe used.

How to Make a Cutaway Model of a Planet Structure

Every planet is composed of several different layers which cannot even be seen with a powerful telescope. The best way to view these layers is to create a "cutaway model," a replica of one half of a planet for studying its structure. Cutaway models of planets can be fun to make, good for a

How to Make Blown Glass Figures

Making glass figurines involves the heating, melting and hand spinning of glass. Developing skill at this art requires years of practice, trial and error. It can be a dangerous hobby and so appropriate safety gear and training is necessary before diving into glass working. Different types of glass a

Describe 3 Ways Used to Reduce Coastal Erosion

Coastal erosion refers to the removal of coastal land by wind, ocean currents and waves. Land affected by coastal erosion includes beaches and dunes. Sandy, softer land erodes faster than rocky, hard land. There are several methods used to prevent or slow down the rate of coastal erosion.

How to Make Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum Out of Clay

Make smooth endoplasmic reticulum out of clay by observing the folds of the eukaryotic organelle, or animal cell part. According to the British Society for Cell Biology, the smooth endoplasmic reticulum's job is to metabolize fats and certain hormones so the cell can function normally. Craft the org

Japanese Woodblock Print Technique

You don't have to be an art lover to appreciate the beauty of Japanese woodblock prints. Unlike the woodcuts of the same period in Europe, Japanese woodblock prints involved separate artists and craftsmen in a multistage process that produced a full-color picture that could be mass-produced. Rather

How to Wake Up Talon at the Castle on "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time"

Talon is the owner of the Lon Lon Ranch in the video game "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time," however he is constantly dozing off leaving his young daughter Malon to look after him. Unfortunately for Talon he likes to fall asleep at inopportune moments, like after delivering a shipment of Lon Lo