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Disadvantages of Parents Working Overseas

Working in other countries is not a simple task. Moreover, apart from the heavy work and the dangers they face every day is that they must work away from their homes. This is one of the options of working away from home that is difficult to bear for both the parents and children.

Awarding Child Custody in a Divorce Case

Child Custody is phenomenal with divorce cases among partners in any marriage which could be as a result of friction between the partners due to misunderstanding, misconduct, extra-marital affairs, care-free attitude and above all mutual exclusiveness styles of the couple which in effect affects eit

When Surnames Became First Names For Baby Girls and Baby Boys

If you wonder when surnames became first names for baby girls and baby boys, you have only to look to the 19th Century. At least, that is when the major trend of using surnames for first names became popular.The idea behind giving a child a family name as a first name was to announce that he or she

Connecticut School Tragedy Trauma Prevention Parenting Tips

In light of the tragic events and national media coverage of the Connecticut school shooting, below are 20 parenting tips to help reduce your child's chances of suffering a trauma response. Even if you have had little exposure to the "around the clock" coverage of this event, do not a

How to Stop a Poodle From Biting

It's a common misconception that all poodles are biters. In truth, a poodle that is trained well should not bite. Training a poodle not to bite needs to begin as soon as it is weaned from its mother; however, it is not impossible to break an older poodle of the biting habit. Proper discipline techn

Foster Parenting And Foster Children

When it comes to parenting, one of the toughest can be foster parenting. While nearly all other parents will know a lot of good, solid, and visual history on the children they are raising, as a foster parent, you may have little more information than those in the child welfare field will tell you.At

September 2011

Find inspiration in each month of 2011 with a calendar featuring Love Notes for Special Parents, encouraging messages for parents of children with special needs.

Top Bumkins Diapers Reviews & Guide

Bumkins are one of famous cloth diaper brands in the market today. I know for some parents, choosing and using cloth diapers is still quite confusing. There are many things to consider when choosing.

Green Room Themes for Teenage Girls

Pale hues and muted shades are often the preferred colors for bedrooms. However, a teenage girl may want a color that makes more of a statement: a bold purple, an electric blue or even a bright green. There are a number of green room themes you can use to incorporate this color into the design of a

Activities for Young Campers

It's never too early to start teaching children about responsibility and safety in the outdoors. Activities for young campers teach preparedness, awareness of surroundings and survival skills, as well as respect for other campers and clean camping habits. Kids who actively participate in all the res

5 Tips to a Happy Baby

When the blessed bundle finally arrives and you take them home for the first time, life just can't get any better. However, if your baby is unhappy believe me that this will make the entire home a very unhappy place.

Why Parents Should Buy Their Kids Wooden Toys

Most people overlook the value of toys they played with as a child, often dismissing any theories about how instrumental they are to our development as whimsical fancy or just excuses made up to explain away some personality defects. The truth is, toys are part of what help shape us as individuals,

Cookies & Clogs

TerriAnn is a bargain hunter who wants to help other moms save money. Cookies & Clogs is updated daily.

The Numerous Benefits of Bamboo Baby Clothes

In recent years, with a new-found awareness of the importance and benefits of using natural rather than synthetic fibers, manufacturers of bedding, clothing and especially baby clothes, have begun to uncover interesting, alternative natural fibers like hemp and bamboo. These promote biodiversity as

Nutritious Art Activities for Young Children

Arts and crafts activities are a great way for young children to reinforce the ideas they have learned as well as creatively explore new concepts.Art time is very enjoyable to most children, especially toddlers and preschoolers.An art activity by itself can open a number of teaching opportunities on