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Slimming for Summer

The way in which people choose to lose weight will have a major effect on the amount of weight they actually manage to lose as well as the amount of weight that they manage to keep off.

What Exactly Is This Amazing Hoodia Gordonii?

For those who struggle with weight issues, there is new hope on the horizon and it's taking the world by storm. It's called hoodia gordonii and while it's not a new, it is certainly creating quite a sensation. What is this incredible new diet product? What is hoodia gordonii?

Post-Herpetic Neuralgia Laser Treatment

Laser treatment for post-herpetic neuralgia may come in the form of Argon, Combi or Low Energy laser therapy. These modes of treatment have achieved varying levels of success for the neuralgia, or nerve pain, caused by the varicella zoster virus, commonly known as shingles. As a more modern and fast

How to Cure Itchy Red Spots

Allergic reactions cause rashes or hives, while insect bites or bee stings leave behind angry welts. Constant itching disrupts sleep and may disturb daily routines. Once you discover the cause of the red bumps, you can prevent the skin condition from worsening and relieve the hot, itching pain with

Obesity - How to Prevent Childhood Obesity!

Childhood obesity is a major problem that most of the developed countries are facing today. It has alarmed the whole world and frightfully, if not cured during childhood, will result in your child being overweight throughout his or her adult years. This may also result in a number of serious disease

What Is The Bad About Proactol?

We are talking so much about Proactol and all of its benefits, yet we do not mention anything bad. There is nothing really "bad" about Proactol, because it is an overall very safe supplement that is used for weight loss.

A Flatter Stomach Takes Time and Dedication

You've all heard, read, and possibly tried those diets that promise quick weight loss. Many of these diets promise such rapid weight loss it seems impossible. Surprisingly, most are not impossible. The problem is that rapid weight loss like this means you are losing water or muscle weight rathe

How to Heal Bruises Faster

Bruises, which can result from a fall or an impact, can occur anywhere on the body and are actually pooled blood leaking from blood vessels near the surface of the skin. Bruises are black and blue, fading to yellow as they heal. To facilitate speedy healing, follow the guidelines below. The sooner

5 Surprising Fat-Burning Foods

What a relief! You really can eat and lose weight at the same time. The key is knowing which foods will help your body shed those pounds by boosting your metabolism and keeping you satisfied.

Get Those Weight Loss Goals in Order

Ok so the New Year is upon us and invariably you like me and many others start with the first goal for the New Year and that is to lose weight. Shocker right? Well this year make your weight loss goal stick so you can achieve it.

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Program That Really Works

Post-pregnancy weight is quite a common issue for women. If you are surprised to understand that you have obtained extra pounds, then you need to take measures to cut back your weight gradually. You might ...