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Healthy Eating: Tips to Staying Fit and In Shape

Totally drained off in your life? Well, in today's modern age, most people face the crams of this rat race where they have no time to rest and relax. Trying to cope up with such ...

Party Cooking Tips

The success of a party can be measured by the availability of a delicious meal, clean, and smooth preparation. Therefore, sometimes cooking for a party is not an easy task. You are required to be able to prepare food in large quantities but with a little time. This can be overcome if you know how to

Recipe for Chicken Lentil Stew

The lentil is a nutrition-packed legume and a great ingredient to cook with. Vegetarians and healthy eaters alike love lentils for their high protein and iron content. Try this recipe to get started cooking with lentils.

Drinking Wine - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Friend or foe?Pleasure or poison?There has been a lot of discussion about wine over the past decade so let's take a look at how this "nectar of the gods" affects adults over 50.

Delectable Recipes Using Smoked Gouda

Smoked Gouda is special among all cheese produced in Holland smoked over smoldering hickory chip embers in brick ovens. For many, the best part of the cheese is the smoky, brown rind.

Pastry Secrets

Have you ever wonder why not everyone who follows the same recipe gets the same pastry that melts in your mouth. What cause it to turn into a tough doughy mass. First of all, let ...

How to Tell If a Pork Shoulder Is Bad

You can tell the quality and condition of a pork shoulder using three of your five senses. Meat quality and storage conditions are particularly important to the taste and safety of dishes made from raw pork. The effects of time and neglect of proper handling procedures often render a once-good pork

How to Avoid Warping on a Glass Cooktop

Beyond a spectacular meal, there is nothing that pleases a cook more than easy clean-up. This is one of the reasons that tempered and ceramic glass cooktops are a desirable product. They are free of the nooks and crannies that hang on to spills, look sleek in the kitchen and can be powered by electr

Recipe - Delicious Brandy Truffles

If you are a lover of chocolates, and also maybe brandy, this is the recipe for you!If you are prepared to get your hands a bit dirty, you will be well rewarded for your effort The first time...

Your First Food Festival of the Year

My article has been written to highlight a few things you may wish to consider before and whilst you're at your first food festival of the year. I hope you find it helpful.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Holy Tea?

The number of health applications for Holy Tea continues to increase; used a great deal by patients of Dr. Miller and members of the Holy Tea Club especially for weight loss, the antioxidant producing capabilities are also a very important benefit of the tea. Although known more for its weight loss

Indian Vegetarian Food – Healthy Foods

Vegetarianism has been prevalent in India even before Buddha or Mahavira endorsed it. Hindu priests have always favored vegetarianism because they believe that every life is sacred, be it of a human being or an ...

The Hand Coffee Grinder - Give Yourself a Hand!

Hand coffee grinders are a desirable choice for personal coffee consumption.They are attractive and produce unbeatable fresh grounds.Which of the many variations of hand coffee mill is right for you?

How to Peel & Mash Avocados

Someone new to avocados does not have to be intimidated by their bumpy skin or the odd shape of the fruit. This fruit is not difficult to prepare and makes a healthy addition to any meal. Once you have learned to remove the skin and the seed in the avocado and mash the fruit, you can use it to make

Differences Between Bacon & Applewood Bacon

Bacon is a common breakfast food. As cooking styles and combinations of food have expanded, the use of bacon in food preparation has grown. Bacon is a processed meat product, smoked or cured. Different types of wood chips give smoked bacon a different flavor. There are also spices and glazes applied

Different Ways For Making Traditional Mexican Foods

Although we may certainly appreciate the authenticity of foods that are made just as they were centuries ago, modern times have given us the luxury of being able to prepare all of our meals quickly and easily especially when it comes to delicious Mexican food. Mexican inspired foods are incredibly v

Styles of Pizza Crust in America

Think all pizza is the same? If you travel from one end of the United States to another, you will find that there are many different varieties of this favorite dish. If you take the ...

How to Take Care of Your Nonstick BBQ Grill Mats

Once you purchase BBQ grill mats, you'll need to know how to take care of them so they will serve you well for years to come. There are a few special considerations you'll need to know about in order to care for the mats properly.