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Keeping it Professional in the Beauty Industry

Keeping up a professional attitude and work ethic can do wonders for building your clientele. Use this handy check list to make sure you're maximizing your professional potential.

Titanium Vs. Stainless Steel Watches

Most watches are manufactured with stainless steel, but an increasing number of timepieces feature titanium cases. The popularity of titanium watches has increased since about 2000 because it's a lightweight metal about 50 percent lighter than stainless steel and is resistant to corrosion. Sports-st

How to Make Organic Liquid Soap

Soapwort root produces the sudsing action in this organic liquid soap which contains no lye, soap or detergent. The natural bubbling is enhanced by glycerin and coconut oil, which are mild and nourishing to the skin. Soapwort root has been used effectively to cleanse body, hair and natural fabrics f

Hair Transplant Reversal

While most people spend time trying to figure out how to get their lost hair back, every once in a while, people who have had hair transplants decide that their new, luscious locks are just not everything they had hoped for. When this happens, many opt for hair-transplant reversals to get their old,

How to Treat Infected Ingrown Hairs

Infected ingrown hair can be beat by getting the hair out, killing the bacteria and preventing the bumps and redness before they even appear.

Ideas to Help Prevent Blushing In Public

Blushing is an awkward problem. It never appears at the right time (not that there often is a "right time" to turn an odd shade of red) but blushing in public is even worse. You feel that everyone around you has instantly noticed you change color and is staring at you. Which makes the prob

Why Coconut Oil Is A Great Anti-Aging Product

Coconut oil in its natural form contains fatty acids, antioxidants, and other important compounds that aid in slowing the aging process of your skin. These compounds introduced to your help keep your skin and body very healthy and can prevent aging if used regularly.

How to Prep Ears for Tanning

When tanning, whether it be in the natural sunlight or in a tanning bed, it is important to prepare your ears in order to make sure they do not get sunburned. According to familydoctor.org, the ears are considered to be one of the most susceptible body parts to skin cancer because they are repeatedl

Christmas Season Pampering Packages at La Spa

La spa therapie christmas seasons pampering packages this December offers you beauty savings on massages, rejuvenating skin scrubs, tanning, shellac mani/pedis and make-up

Yin Yang with Fire Tattoo

Pictures of tattoos inked by artist Kandyman Joe of Pure Imagination Tattoos in Mount Pleasant, Iowa.

Beauty Tattoo Process

There are two choices regarding beauty tattooing operations: the application of a tattoo and its eradication, both of which are considered cosmetic in style and medical as far as procedural aspects are involved. Let's face it, tattoo surgical procedure is painful! Both coming as well as going.

How to Repair a Sonicare Toothbrush

Sonicare makes five styles of electric toothbrushes: Advance, Elite, Essence, FlexCare and FlexCare with Sanitizer. Electric toothbrushes are quite a bit pricier than manual or battery operated toothbrushes, so if your Sonicare electric toothbrush stops working, naturally you may be hesitant to repl

1900s Vintage Style Ball Gowns

The early 1900s marked the end of one era and the beginning of another, but the line between the two eras blurred during this age within the realm of fashion. The fading Victorian era left behind a general emphasis on maturity and elegance, particularly for ball gowns, while the incoming Edwardian e

Hairstyles for Dates

Date Hair-Dos and Don'tshairstyling items image by Pix by Marti from Fotolia.comFinding the right hairstyle for a date can be a challenge. You want your hair to look its best, but still be soft and touchable, whether it is long or short. It should also be appropriate to the occasion--the...

Stopping the Intolerable Itching From New Braids in the Hair

You will look and feel beautiful after you spend hours sitting while a stylist puts braids in your hair. Keeping your braids in good condition takes commitment. Proper daily care keeps them looking nice and helps them last longer. As pretty as they are, braids also are known to cause a lot of scalp

How Does Eczema Develop?

The Causes of EczemaEczema is a rather broad medical term that refers to a wide range of more specific skin conditions. In general, almost any disease or disorder that causes chronic or intermittently occurring skin dryness or rashes may be considered a form of eczema. Because it is such...

How to Identify Stone Settings on Bracelets

When you shop for jewelry, there are some basic qualities you should be able to recognize about any piece. You order gemstones based on their color and stone cuts based on their shape. Stone settings are the shape of the metal that secures a gem. Various types of stone settings are used in making br

How to Renew Velcro

Velcro is useful for its adjustability as well as its re-usability. However, Velcro can sometimes lose its stick, wearing out long before the garment or equipment it serves has lost its usefulness. In many cases, however, Velcro can be restored to some, if not all, of its former strength with a simp