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pH - Your Path to Health

By being aware of the pH balance in our system we can be alerted to potential problems before a disease sets in. Diagnosing and curing disease are reactive; whereas monitoring is proactive. The objective of pH monitoring is to find out if your diet and lifestyle are giving your body a fighting chanc

Tips and Treatment For Nail Fungus

In this article you will find some tips and treatments for nail fungus. If you have a toe nail fungus or even fingernail fungus you need to read this article.

The Best Natural Cures For E D

The pharmaceutical companies would have you believe that a cure for E D is recent with the discovery of Sidenafil (Viagra). However there have been effective natural cures for E D for thousands of years. ...

What Are The Benefits of Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a holistic approach that facilitates equilibrium of physical, mental and spiritual health through essential oils. Aromatherapy essential oils and essences seek to stimulate and enhance the body's own healing process so that the body is capable of regulating, maintaining and heal

Relaxation Through Reflexology

Reflexology is a form of therapy that deals primarily with the feet. Discover its origin, history and benefits.

What Is Osteopathy

Osteopathy falls under the category of a holistic medicine in that it takes the approach of a whole body care when your health care is considered. The main function of osteopathy is a focus on ...

Buy Mifepristone and Misoprostol Abortion Pill Online

The abortion pill pack (AB-pack) is a complete pack of 5 pills which join pills, for instance, Mifeprex (or Mifepristone), Misoprostol, smoothing, antiemetic and blood-control pills. These pills if taken as proposed will promise a ...

Chiropractic and Our General Health

So much talk has been going on about health and wellness. Let us look at the other modes of treatment that will help us with our wellness.

Cure For Hemorrhoids3 Tips To Treat And Cure Hemorrhoids

It is without a doubt that hemorrhoids are something really embarrassing as well as very irritating. As such, many hemorrhoids sufferers would like to know about the treatment for hemorrhoids. The cure for hemorrhoids is available via modern methods and the natural methods.

Organic Coffee Benefits

Organic coffee can be a bit more expensive than coffee that uses beans that are grown other ways. So what benefits is there that justify the additional cost of organically-grown coffee? First of all,

Pain Relief Outside the Box

© 2013 Victoria Bowmann, PhD Many times a visit to our doctor resolves the problem, other times it doesn't. So, in those instances, where do we turn? To NSAIDS, like aspirin or ibuprofen, which doesn't ...

Colon Cleansing Foods That Help Get Rid Of Toxins In The Colon

In this instant gratification society, we have grown accustom to expecting to get everything that we want, when we want it.However when it comes to our health, this is one area that seeking instant gratification becomes extremely dangerous.