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Indoor Herb Garden - What a Great Idea

Wouldn't it be grand to have an indoor herb garden at your disposal?Just think what you could do with all of those herbs!You could make tastier meals, improve your health and performance, and maybe even commune with nature in your own home.What are some ways to go about creating an indoor herb

Synthetic Grass Vs Grass Paint

When it comes to brown spots and dead grass, artificial grass is the most ideal solution to any lawn, especially over grass paint. Grass paint, a short-term solution, may seem appealing because of its quick gratification and fast results, however, such results do not last.

How Important Is Greenhouse Ventilation?

Greenhouses give gardeners an opportunity to extend the length and quality of their gardening season. Greenhouse growers have many more tools at their disposal to control their plants' environment than do outdoor gardeners. Greenhouses present their own challenges that gardeners must overcome.

Bamboo Plants Cannot Survive In Your Garden If You Live in The US OR Uk

Bamboo lends itself to the creation of an ideal - maybe yours is one of lazy days relaxing with a Cocktail whilst basking in the warmth of the sun? Bamboo conjures up a vision of tropical islands, hot lazy days and warm nights within an equatorial jungle with the background sounds of tropical birds

How to Freeze Mint Leaves

Mint leaves can be added to an enormous number of dishes and drinks for an extra dash of flavor, and it is used in chicken, lamb, fruits, tea and certain alcoholic beverages. Fortunately, mint leaves can be frozen for later use. Freezing them allows them to be used months later while still retaining

Diseases of Potted Palms

Potted palms can be a wonderful addition to any home or business landscaping. However, they are still prone to diseases which should be caught before they kill the plant by removing and disposing of any leaves, bark or limbs that look damaged or infected immediately.

Transplanting Roses Safely

In an ideal world you'd leave the transplanting of any plant until after its growing season has ended in the fall, and before the sap starts to rise the following spring.But, you never know, it may happen someday, that you have a rose that needs to be moved.Maybe it's because the site isn&

Pest Control – Protecting Your Home

Pests can be a real cause for worry, be it at your home, garden or workplace.  It is important that we get riddance from pests by adopting the right control of pest measures.  There are ...

External vs. Submersible Pumps.Which One Should You Use?

For many people, it'snever been a question of whether to use asubmersible pump vs. an external pump because most people havesmaller ponds and are used to just using a submersible pump. They're easy to install, and are pretty reliable - so why evenconsider an external pump?

Tomatoes and Companion Planting

Planting tomatoes with their companions can result in a mutual arrangement for the gardener. It can provide organic protection for both tomatoes, herbs, vegetables and flowers while increasing yield without additional space.

Deer-resistant Native Plants

A deer will consume any plant it if is starving.Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty ImagesGardeners in areas with a heavy deer population should consider choosing deer resistant native plants for landscaping. Deer will browse virtually any plant when hungry, but certain native varieties are...

Diseases of the European Hornbeam

European hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) is a medium-sized tree native to Asia Minor and Europe. It has steel-gray, ornamental bark, an oval or rounded crown, and dark-green, oval-shaped leaves with doubly serrated margins. This species works well as a specimen, street or shade tree. European hornbeam t

Husqvarna Mower Uses

The durability of Husqvarna Mower is something to expect as the company make sure its history is not something to be taken lightly. Husqvarna Mowers are designed to be outside around the clock and fun

How to Farm Crape Myrtles

Crape myrtles are striking, successful trees in the home garden, with summer-long blooming, bright fall colors and peeling, decorative bark. They grow in large to small cultivars, but always do best in warm areas that give them bright, hot summers and relatively mild winters. Plant crape myrtles in