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Tiaras And Other Beautiful Bridal Headpieces

The clothes and accessories that a bride wears on her wedding day aren’t just about making her look good. Of course that is a huge part of it. But there aren’t a million little details from the garter down to something borrowed and something blue just because of luck or superstition.

Designer wedding

I am always excited about the wedding. This word gives a extra push to blood in my nerves as each wedding have something new and special. Wedding is an occasion of joy and celebration, an ...

Coffs Harbour Wedding Chapels

Planning a traditional wedding to remember forever? The Coffs Harbour wedding chapels may just be the perfect venue you've been looking for. Check out the timber and cedar Coffs Harbour wedding chapels at Paradise Palms and Breakfree.

About Spa Theme Parties

Spa theme parties are a great way to pamper your guests as well as yourself. Whether you are hosting a party for young girls or grown women, spa themes can make for a relaxing afternoon of luxury.

Wedding Reception Decorations Ideas

Wedding receptions are a big part of a wedding, it’s when everyone gets to meet and congratulate the new couple, the bride and groom have their first dance and it’s usually the first meal they eat together. But wedding receptions aren’t just about food, although it does account for

Is Counseling The Right Solution For Your Relationship?

A counselor or a therapist is someone (sometimes with a degree in psychology or social work) who specializes and is qualified to help others better understand their issues and assist them with finding the simplest solutions to their problems.

A Good Look at a Best Man Wedding Toast

People who suffer from the so-called stage fright are likely to withdraw from any opportunity to speak before a crowd. It is fortunate for someone who has a choice. However, if you are to play the part of a best man when your close friend ties the knot, then you simply have no reason of running away

Extraordinary Wedding Gifts

Weddings are a time to celebrate the union of a couple, and the best way to show your appreciation for an invite to the nuptials is by bringing a special gift the bride and groom will always remember. Traditional wedding gifts include china, household items and money. However, if you want to give an

Buffett Party Table Decorating

Buffet tables are typically decorated to fit a specific occasion. Effective buffet table decor should serve not only to lend a decorative quality to the party atmosphere, but should offer functionality as well. While there is no single right way to decorate a buffet table, practicing functional and

Ways to Find your Wedding Jewelry

If you are like most brides you will soon find out that you are going to experience unplanned wedding expenses that will somehow ruin your wedding budget. If this happen, this may somehow affect even ...

Breaking Down the Wedding Budget - Who Pays for What?

As traditional etiquette has changed, it can be a challenge to figure out who should pay for what when it comes to the topic of wedding budgets. Here's a quick discussion of how things are traditionally handled and how couples can cope when faced with the possibility of accepting money from wel

Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors

Advocates of helping how to save the earth are becoming plenty these days as they have experienced how bad the effects of damaging the earth. Those experiences are definitely unpleasant as many proper

Sample Maid Of Respect Messages - Maid Of Respect Speech Tips

No doubt that speaking in public is sufficient to give anybody butterfly, but understanding that your speech means so much to many people when you are invited to give a toast as the maid of honor, can drive any girl to distraction. You will need to effectively convey your love for your best friend,

Wedding card Ideas according your budget

A short budget could always spell a spectacular celebration at your wedding, but you would have to practice some amount of economy and it would begin right from the time you design your wedding-invita

Latin American Wedding Traditions for Flower Girls

In Latin American weddings flower girls follow different traditions. In some Latin American countries, weddings do not include flower girls, as brides are only escorted down the aisle by their father and do not follow a bridal party. In other countries, however, flower girls do play a part in the ce

Wedding Programs For Large Weddings

When do a bride and groom need a program for their wedding? There are quite a few instances where you may need to use a wedding program, especially when you are having a large wedding. This detail can add a little something extra to your big day. Not only will it help guests identify your bridal par

Good Ideas on Where to Put Your Earrings & Necklaces

Jewelry, whether it is Cartier or costume, is an investment in glamor that must be protected. However, velvet-lined jewelry boxes aren’t always enough to keep your earrings protected or necklaces untangled. Expensive armoires are a possible solution, but don’t always fit into every woman

College Birthday Party Ideas

Celebrating a birthday while at college can be difficult for the birthday boy. This may be the first time he is having a birthday without family and close friends. But it does give college students a good reason to throw a party.