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Album Review - Maroon 5 - Hands All Over

Maroon 5 is back and they haven't lost a step! The multi platinum Grammy award winning band releases their new studio album entitled Hands All Over Tuesday September 21st. The name of this album should have been called Something for Everyone, because that is really what it is.

Classical Orchestra Instruments Description

The classical orchestra is filled with so many interesting instruments, it can seem like a confusing sea of strange objects. However, these instruments are classified into just a few families according to how they create sound.

Gateshead and Newcastle Prepare for Evolution 2008

Newcastle and Gateshead are eagerly anticipating the start of Evolution 2008, a four-day urban music festival that takes place at a number of venues throughout the North East. The festival offers a varied programme of ...

Ways to Cultivate Creativity

Whether or not you're an improvising musician or not, creativity is an integral part of this profession. We need creativity not only to find the best ways to play a passage, express a cadenza, whale a bluesy solo, or play the most interesting chord progressions over a modal tune. We need creati

Are You Looking for Free Acoustic Guitar Lessons?

If you intend to use the nylon and steel kinds of guitar for your free acoustic guitar lessons, you should know the numerous sub-types available. Any old guitar is good to start on when you are first learning how to play the acoustic guitar.

Vital Lessons to Be Learned From Michael Jackson

He ruled the music world for almost a whole century. Some hated him, others liked him while others mimicked him but all said and done, Michael Jackson will remain a legend. His rare talent in music will be celebrated by many for a long time to come. This is amazing because other musicians die out tw

The Computer DJ Sport Specialist

Hercules DJ Control RMX e2, allows users to drive their own mixes at family esteem a flash, seeing fully owing to personalize their rap further landlord celebrated parties deserved funk a pure DJ by c

How Buying Vinyl Box Sets Are Beneficial

When searching the internet for information on records, you're sure to run across dealers selling vinyl box sets. These are quite popular and many collectors seek them out but do you know why? What makes them so special and why is it beneficial to purchase records in sets instead of single albu