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How to Unlock Crimson Fatalis in MHF2

"Monster Hunter Freedom 2" is a PlayStation Portable Game developed by Capcom. Released in 2007, it is the sequel to "Monster Hunter Freedom." The game centers around killing monsters on an increasingly difficult scale. The Crimson Fatalis is a difficult, dragon-type boss who is related to the Black

Uematsu Creates More Magic in "Blue Dragon"

Nobou Uematsu takes on his first video game music project since becoming a free lance musician. After claiming fame with the "Final Fantasy" series, Uematsu returns with "Blue Dragon" soundtrack.

How to Repair Xbox360 Red Ring of Death

So your in the middle of a game of Call of Duty 5, Halo3 or Left 4 Dead, and all of the sudden your Xbox360 starts flashing the red (3) ring of death. This is when three red lights begin to flash on the front of your system. When you see these three rings, there is immediate panic. Many already know

UFC Throwdown Cheats

"UFC Throwdown" is an Ultimate Fighting Championship simulation game that was developed for the Nintendo GameCube. In this game, you can step into the boots of your favorite UFC fighters, or you can create your own fighter to participate in mixed martial arts matches. There are a number of things yo

What is the Fastest Way to Level in WoW?

Many World of Warcraft players quickly become sick of leveling. If you aren't already an expert, leveling takes way too freaking long. Even if you are fairly good, at leveling, you likely aren't leveling as fast as you could be. So, what is the fastest way to level in WoW?

Facebook Mafia Wars Tips - Top Tips to Help You Succeed at Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars looks like a simple game if you just base it on the the low level graphics. In fact, there isn't even animation in Mafia Wars. However, the lack of action is made up for by the extensive strategic aspect of the game. To be successful at this popular game, you need to be using some st

Pokemon Gold Version TM Cheats

In "Pokemon: Gold Version" for the GameBoy Color, you play as a Pokemon trainer who wanders the land to test his skills and become the best trainer in the world. You capture creatures called Pokemon and can train more than 250 of them to do battle. The game also features some cheats and...

PS Move Vs. Wii Remote

The Sony PlayStation Move was just recently launched and folks at iFixit – the DIY repair company have already published a teardown analysis of the new motion controller from Sony. While the teardown

How to Create Custom Phone Cases

Transform your boring phone case with some glitz. Whether you have a smartphone or basic flip phone, mobile devices are essential for communication. Phone cases can be customized to flaunt your personal fashion in a similar way to your wardrobe. Fashion exhibits your individuality. There are a fe

How to Defeat Lucas on "Smash Brawl"

In "Super Smash Bros. Brawl," young Lucas may look small and somewhat helpless, but don't let appearances deceive you. With Lucas' psychic abilities, called PSI, he can knock you down just by using his mind. Lucas has control over the elements, too, such as fire, thunder and ice. When he uses his s

How to Create a Free Crossword Puzzle Online

You can make free, personalized crossword puzzles online to suit any occasion. You could fill a puzzle with inside jokes to give to family and friends, or design a crossword puzzle study aid for your students, filled with vocabulary words or key terms that correspond with a particular school lesson.

Winning Sports Betting Systems For the NBA

Online betting has become not only a popular sport entertainment but also an income earning activity for many people. Popular sport such as the NBA is a favorite place of people who want to make sports betting their profession. NBA is a systematic sport.

Canal Moss Control & Wetlands

Wetlands provide a home for many different types of vegetation, including mosses. They also play an important role in flood control and transportation, thanks to the canals that carry water through them. However, moss from wetlands can be carried into canals, impeding water flow and necessitating mo

Is a Puzzle a Good Gift?

Violent video games and rap lyrics are always being targeted by our public representatives as causing deranged behavior in our youth. Pointless violence did not begin with the Playstation Generation. Long before television there was the jigsaw puzzle. And why is the jigsaw puzzle always a meadow wit

WoW Paladin Guide to the Paladin's Talents

In this WoW paladin guide we will look at the Paladin's amazing Talents. The WoW Paladin is a special kind of figure which can be found in almost any fantasy setting in WoW, it often represents a combination of brute strength and the power of the light or general holy abilities.

Flying Simulator Games - How Come They Are So Inexpensive?

Flying simulator games trace their history to the introduction of computer games. As people become aware of the opportunities of playing games right in their own homes, they started looking for one of the ultimate human fascinations, the experience of flight through flying simulator games.