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Restaurants Near the Manhattan Bridge

Several cuisines can be found at the two ends of the Manhattan Bridge in New York City.Manhattan Bridge image by DanielDupuis from Fotolia.comNew York City's historic Manhattan Bridge is among the four main bridges crossing the East River, carrying thousands of vehicles, public transit...

Slow Cooker Indian Pudding Recipe

This Indian pudding recipe is cooked in the crockpot or slow cooker. Indian Pudding Recipe ingredients include cornmeal, molasses, brown sugar, eggs, cinnamon, allspice, ginger, raisins or dates, and milk.

How to Improve Your Health When You Don't Like Fruits & Veggies

Getting healthy is just about impossible without any fruits or vegetables in your diet. The USDA recommends two to three cups of vegetables a day, alone. Most people who say that they don't like these foods mean that they don't like the ones that they have tasted. Perhaps you were raised on vegetabl

How to Make Brown Rice Risotto

Brown rice risotto offers a healthier twist on the usual white rice recipe since brown rice contains more nutrients than white and retains all of its fiber after it has been processed. Risotto can be served as a complete meal, preceded by an appetizer, or presented as a side dish. Allow yourself eno

There's nothing like a great stew

This hearty lamb stew, flavored with red wine, garlic and herbs, is easy to make and is great served over steamed potatoes or noodles.

Five Lesser Know Spices in Indian Cooking

Not everyone is ready to delve into the world of unknown spices used in Indian cuisine. Why invest in something unknown? This article should help with a better understanding of some of these lesser kn

A Look At Coconut Oil

Coconut butter, which is also commonly referred to as Coconut oil, is a fat that consists of more than 90% saturated fat. As it’s name implies, this oil is obtained from coconuts and is commonly used for cosmetics, baking ingredients and cooking oil. The world’s largest exporter of Cocon

A Wine Lovers Weekly Guide To$10 Wines - A Chilean Chardonnay

Times are tough. Don't give up on life's little pleasures. Each and every week this sommelier and wine enthusiast will review a $10 (or cheaper) bottle of wine, pairing it with food and cheese and give you his unbiased opinion, and lots of information on the wine, the grape variety, and th

Crockpot Wild Rice Stuffing

Crockpot Wild Rice Stuffing is a delicious and easy side dish for Thanksgiving or any winter meal.

Making Vodka at Home

Choosing the Base for Your VodkaVodka can be made out of many types of starchy materials. You have a wide selection of different materials that can serve as the base for your vodka. Each one will affect the flavor differently, so you may wish to experiment after you make your first batch....

Frozen Fresh Fruit Loaf Recipe

A delicious frozen gluten summer salad recipe, loaded with fresh, jewel-like berries, peaches, red grapes and pineapple.

The Basics In Wine Aging

Aging wine is an art and a science, with a long history that wine lovers and connoisseurs alike have enjoyed for centuries. No better feeling can compare than turning a young, vibrant wine into a mature classic for you to enjoy.