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How to Get Your Ex Back Fast Using Powerful Counter-Intuitive Methods

Are you afraid if you don't do something quick your ex will move on permanently and you'll never get your ex back?These fear based emotions can make you do things that are out of character for you... and you'll end up pushing your ex farther away.The good news is that by understanding

How to Deal With Common Relationship Issues

Trust, jealousy, and commitment can create relationship issues that bring a relationship to an end. Read three important tips to help solve common problems.

Saving a Relationship - Where to Begin

The biggest reason a relationship is so hard to fix is because it is based on emotion. It is a partnership, but the partnership is monetized by love instead of cold hard cash. This makes it doubly hard for either partner to take an objective look at what is going on in the relationship. Truer words

How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back for Good and Stop the Breakup Routine

You and your girl broke up and now you're wondering how to get your ex girlfriend back for good. The problem is, this isn't the first time it happened. It's becoming a ritual for the two of you to break up and get back together. You want it to stop and you want her back for good.

I dont know how to do this

i have not seen my boyfriend in over 2 months i broke my ankle and cant work or walk far so i have no money he has not made any effort to come and see me since this happened he still lives with his ex

Signs an Ex Wants to Reconcile

A relationship is similar to a roller coaster ride. You'll notice downs and ups, round and round, backwards and forwards, and even sideways. From time to time the ride is monotonous. Other times it will be exciting and fun; and now and again it can be frustrating.

I Need Marital Advice Now - Before My Partner Walks Out!

Here is a fact! Did you know a staggering 2 million couples file for divorce each year? With divorces getting easier, it' s no wonder that many couples call it a day at the first sign of trouble and throw in the towel. So what do you do if you truly believe in marriage and you believe that your

Heart at Peace

"We give ourselves the best opportunity to make clear-minded decisions only to the extent that our hearts are at peace." -- The Anatomy of PeaceChoosing to resolve conflict begins when we approach it with a "Heart at Peace." So opens a new book I just finished, The Anatomy of Pea