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How to Optimize a Lossless JPEG

JPEG is still the popular choice for photography and Web images. It offers support for 16.7 million colors and has a compression algorithm that is unmatched. This "lossy" format -- as opposed to "lossless" -- throws away data it deems unnecessary to an image to keep the file size small and manageabl

PowerBuilder to Java Migration Tool

SoftSol's PowerBuilder migration Tool which can perform migration of PowerBuilder applications to.Net. Our PowerBuilder migration tool automatically converts up to 95% of the source code to either Java or.NET. Even in cases where documentation is ...

How to Make a Digital Photo Birthday Card

Digital photo birthday cards are simple and fun to make. You can create custom digital photo birthday cards using almost any major word processing software or desktop publishing software. Making personalized photo cards for your loved one is the perfect way to give her something special to show her

3D Graphic Design Tools

Render this simple Rubix cube using free software.colorful 3d cube image by Gongea Alexandru from Fotolia.comGraphic design software uses powerful coding to offer sophisticated ways to create 3D models of buildings, plants, settings, people, animals, aliens and any other figure you can...

How to Make Animated Water Textures for "Second Life"

"Second Life" is an online game that allows viewers to buy digital land within the game and create their own worlds. In order to add to their created worlds or have them look better, players often create water within the game. To look accurate, the water needs to be textured and animated to move lik


Define mozart - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at About.com.

Registry Easy Critical Overview

Is Registry Easy the real computer error fixing solution you have been searching for? Find out what it does and if it's the appropriate solution for you.

How to Get the Latest Multimedia Audio Controller Drivers

Out of all the computer peripherals out there, sound cards are almost certainly the most in demand. A lot of computers contain built-in audio systems so installing a sound card to your machine may not be required. However, there are numerous people who chose to purchase additional hardware or access

How to Upgrade Two PST Contacts of MS Outlook?

The article discusses about time to time upgrades in Outlook, benefit of upgrading to any recent Outlook edition and tool that can be used for carrying out the process to upgrade two PST contacts and


Define BBIAB - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at About.com.

How to Convert ODT Files to a Microsoft Works Word Processor

The OpenOffice suite of applications contain a word processor module called Writer that saves files with a file extension, ".ODT." As an open-source software, Writer can save documents in other formats. The Microsoft Works suite also contains program modules including a Word Processor that uses the

How to Make an Avatar in SketchUp

SketchUp is a 3-D modeling application offered in free and paid versions by Google. Generally, SketchUp is used to create architectural representations. While it does not have the same powerful tools you might find in programs such as Maya or Cinema 4D, it is user friendly and easy to learn. You can

Web Development Companies: Tips To Hire The Right Company

Do you need to design a good looking website that actually works? Web development companies can extend a helping hand for client companies to explore new business milestones. Small businesses may be surprised that a smarter and attractive market presence can drastically change their future.

How to Convert PDF to HTML with Open Source Software

Several types of open source software and free services are available on the web for converting Portable Document Format (PDF) documents to HTML. Adobe Systems provides a set of online tools and services. One tool will convert a PDF from a URL into HTML. Another option is a service that will take a

Prospecting System to Generate MLM Leads

MLM leads will first come to know you through a well-constructed online capture page. The capture page is a means of capturing a visitor's interest and encouraging him to contact you for more


Define VK - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at About.com.

Joomla For E-learning

Joomla is the perfect platform for developing e-learning modules. Joomla Learning Management System allows to create virtual study environment.