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How to Make Free Music Album Covers

For many, the images on an album cover are nearly as important as the music contained on the actual album. While the album covers of the past were large enough to accommodate a full-size record, modern album covers fit the smaller dimensions of a CD and are just over four inches on all sides. Fortun

How to Grab the URL for My YouTube Video's Thumbnail Image

After you shoot and upload a video to YouTube, the site generates a thumbnail image that represents your video. Use the URL for this thumbnail to give people an idea of what your video looks on your blog or in a forum post. For example, if you've uploaded a video of your friend's birthday party, and

How to Create an iPhone Icon in Photoshop

You may already enjoy using your iPhone, but consider how much more you would enjoy it by seeing in its display an icon you created with Photoshop. To complete such a project, use the "Paintbrush" tool to draw an icon representing an iPhone application, apply a Photoshop filter to stylize the icon,

How to Collimate a Celestron C-90

A Celestron C-90 is a spotting telescope built in the Maksutov-Cassegrain design. You can collimate, or properly align, the C-90's lenses and mirrors for the sharpest and clearest image possible. The alignment process does not vary among manufacturers. Collimation procedures are dictated by optics a

How Can I Alphabetize the Program Menu?

As you add programs to your computer, they are added to the "All Programs" menu for easy access. The programs are often listed in the order they were installed; this can get confusing as you add applications. Make the menu easier to navigate by listing the programs in alphabetical order.

How to Fix WinZip Files

Zip file formats are used in order to compress the size of a file so it can be easily accessed and transferrable. Compressing files also expedites the amount of time it will take to download and transmit the file's contents. This file format allows you to collapse and extract the files contents in o


Define OCPA - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at About.com.

How to Make a Neck Longer in Photoshop

You can use Photoshop to make photographs look better, or even to make them absurd. Making a neck longer can achieve either of these results. If you are adjusting the neck on a portrait to fix a poor camera angle, use the "Liquify Filter" sparingly, or you may end up with an unintentional giraffe-lo

How to Create an Immutable Object in Java

An immutable object in programming, once you've created and initialized it, can never change its state. This may seem counterproductive since the point of programming is to manipulate data. However, by designing your classes to eliminate places where their data can change, you can remove entire cate

QuickBooks Hosting: A Need For Small Business

Thus to conclude with QuickBooks hosting in its dedicated server environment is the most sophisticated technology which every small business and accounting firms can go for more reliability and flexib

Beware Of Bad Guys With Panda Support

No one can be as great as God, but when it comes to computer support then Panda Technical Support is something which can be relied upon. Whether you have problems with the Panda Antivirus or Internet security software or facing computer virus problems, you are free to call the portals anytime from a

Outlook 2003 Repair

OUTLOOK 2003 a venerable mail client of Microsoft today lying in deep trouble because some data bullies captured its functioning rights. How these hooligans came into the system still make people confused about? Researchers says ...

Screen 4 - Investments

Quicken Guided Setup lets you review and add investment accounts as you install your new personal finance software.

How to Add an RAR Format to Windows Media Player 11

The .RAR format is a special archival format that is used to store and compress a large number of files into a single, smaller archive. The format is very useful for transferring multiple files from one computer to another, and is often used to store music albums as a way of saving space and keeping