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How to Hide Wireless Usage

Wireless routers are used in households and throughout the community because these networking devices provide Internet access to multiple PCs at a time. However, a single person or organization is usually responsible for obtaining and maintaining a subscription with the Internet service provider --

ThinkPad R61i Specifications

The ThinkPad series of laptops has a broad selection of models and families, each aimed at meeting the varying needs of different computer users. The ThinkPad R61i laptop is, by modern standards, a good computer for basic computing needs, though graphics-intense programs won't work well on this mode

How to Make Own Icons

Icons are created on your computer desktop to allow easy access to specific programs. The icons act as gateways to the program, so once they are open the actual program opens; however, when you delete the icon the program remains while only the icon is removed. You can create icons for anything in y

How to Reset the BIOS on an HP TX1000

All computers use a basic input/output system (BIOS) for a variety of basic tasks that keeps the computer functioning properly. The BIOS is responsible for hardware tests during start up, launching the operating system and supports the data transfer between hardware components during the boot proces

Why You Need to Read Laptop Reviews About the Small Laptops

Small laptops can be perfect for your needs if you are looking for a more portable device that you can take to school or to work much easier. Reading some of the different laptop reviews can certainly help you make the right decision and here is why they can help you out.

How to Remove a Disk Partition in Win 2000

Windows 2000 has several of the same tools as newer versions of Windows, including the Disk Management tool. Disk Management is a utility located in the administrative tools of the Windows Control Panel. It lets you control and manage drive partitions. When you want to remove a partition, you use th

Laser Vs. Inkjet Prices

Inkjet printers are a popular home printing solution, due to their low up front cost. However, it could be cheaper in the long run to invest in a laser printer, due to the cost of ink cartridges compared to toner. A few factors to use to determine which type of printer is best for your needs include

How to Add a Printer Port Type

Configure your printer, scanner or fax machine by adding or removing ports. When one of these devices fails to initiate a port type or port path, the device will function incorrectly. Printers and scanners require specific port configurations to access your computer. Problems occur when your printer

Continuous Ink Supply Can Free You From Expensive Cartridges

If you have had an inkjet printer for any length of time, you know what it's like to run on the "inkjet treadmill" all the time. Ink cartridges are tiny, they're expensive, and they run out all too frequently - particularly when you're printing something important and are in

How to Connect an Sd780 Canon to a MacBook Pro

Digital cameras have made it easy for most people to take and share pictures without the hassle of developing film. But to share those photos digitally, you must transfer the images from your camera to your computer. While laptops and desktops have some differences, when it comes to connecting perip

How to Buy a Dell Laptop Battery

Finding a Dell laptop battery may seem like an overwhelming task, especially if you have an older laptop model. You can easily find the Dell laptop battery you need, and get indispensable safety information as well.

How to Get Computer Help

There's not many things that are more frustrating than a broken or malfunctioning computer. If you are not so lucky as to be technically gifted in this aspect, you likely need to get help with your computer when it's not operating as it should. Even if your computer is not technically broken, you ma

How to Set Different Backgrounds on Multiple Monitors on Windows XP

As computers become more important for the work we do every day, many people are using multiple monitors to extend the size of their computer displays. Unfortunately, when you set your desktop background, it causes all of your displays to show the same picture. However, you can use the Windows "Web

Microsoft Licensing Explained

No one can buy a copy of Windows. When you pay for Windows, you are simply paying for a license that says you can use Windows. While this may seem like a technicality, it means you never own the operating system you use---Microsoft grants you a right with certain limitations. You cannot, for example

Cheap Is Not Easy To Find But Cheap Pink Laptop Is

If you’re simply a sweet boyfriend who is searching for a cheap pink laptop as a gift for your girlfriend’s birthday who love trendy accessories to match your attire, then there are several online shops out there who are offering good reviews on your ideal gadget.

Choosing the Right Rackmount Server Case

There is huge demand for server racks or cabinets in all industry sectors that use computers. A rackmount server case stores, protects and simplifies all the network components in an IT setting.

What RAM Do I Need for My Laptop?

RAM is a form of temporary storage that stands for random access memory. Any information within a computer system can use this memory, no matter where it is located. The CPU uses the RAM to access and open applications. As more applications are opened, more RAM is used, so having more RAM means b

The Specifications of an HP Pavilion ZE4900

The HP Pavilion ZE4900 made its debut onto the market in May 2005. The ZE4900 came with either an Intel or AMD CPU (central processing unit) with speeds of 2GHz, 1.8GHz and 2.1GHz.