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Summer Slowdown Computer Maintenance Tips

The slower-paced summer months are a great time to maintain your Windows or Mac computer system. Cathy Coloff, of IT Radix, Randolph, New Jersey, shares some quick and easy tips to help your technology work for you faster and more efficiently!

How USBs Work

USB is an abbreviation for Universal Serial Bus, an external serial bus interface standard for connecting peripheral devices, such as keyboards, mice and printers to a computer. A bus is simply a set of electrical conductors that connect the various functional components of a computer together.

Computer Virus Protection, The Mantra For Safe Browsing

In order to enjoy safe and secure browsing, there must be adequate protection on your computer. You need to follow a number of security measures for computer virus protection. Go through this article and learn more about them.

How to Install Vista Business on a Dell Inspiron 1100

In 2007, Microsoft released Windows Vista Business to the world as its successor to Windows XP. Vista Business offers many more capabilities than its older XP cousin, and the new installation procedure makes for quick and easy installs on older systems like the Dell Inspiron 1100.

External Hard Disk Drive: A Useful Device

Due to regular power cuts and availability of viruses, data loss problems have become a common problem among computer users. In order to back up your photographs, videos, and data files regularly, external hard disk ...

Canon Ink Cartridges Review - A Look at Canon Printers and Technology

Canon is one of the most recognizable names in the printing industry. For decades, the company has been manufacturing printers, cameras, ink, toners, quality paper, and more. If you own any type of printer from this company, you need some quality Canon ink cartridges. Not only does this ink produce

What Are the Types of Computer Printers Found in Households?

Try out a wireless printer and free yourself from cables.Printer cable image by rasita from Fotolia.comConsumer printers are convenient, easy to use and now handle paper better than previous models. Printing photos, school assignments and business documents can easily be done in the...

How to Change Chat on AQW

AQW is a free MMO, or massive multi-player online game, that anyone with an AQW account can play. You must create your own AQW character to explore the 3-D world of AQW. Various chat servers are available to AQW members to chat with other AQW members. If you are on a chat server and you want to ente

How to Use Bar Codes on Forms

Bar codes refer to machine-readable black and white patterns printed on an item, or on labels attached to an item. Bar codes allow instant uploading of data into computer programs that use the data for various applications. Bar codes facilitate transactions, and save resources, by minimizing data en

Instructions on an Apple iMac G4

Apple redesigned the iMac when it introduced the G4 in 2002. All iMac G4 computers have a unique look with a white, dome-shaped base that contains the processor and other components. The flat-panel LCD screen floats on a metal arm above the base, and an elbow joint allows users to adjust monitor pos

How to Connect a MacBook to a TV Monitor

While you can play DVDs, TV shows or home movies on your MacBook, you can also connect it to a TV monitor. When you use a TV as a monitor, your Mac can either mirror the image of your laptop or use it as an additional screen. Not all MacBooks have the correct port for TV usage, so check that there i

Ubuntu Karmic SSH Help

Ubuntu Karmic Koala is a version of the Ubuntu Linux operating system released for home users free of charge to install on their computers. Karmic, like other versions of Linux, includes OpenSSH built in to the computer, which lets users connect from the machine to another Linux computer over a sec

How to Burn a Compatible DVD for a DVD Player

Windows comes equipped with native media management utilities that allow you to copy, burn and edit your digital video files. With the native programs, you can burn video saved on your computer's hard drive to a recordable CD or DVD. Use the Windows Media Center utility to burn digital videos to a f

Advantages of Using Recycled Printer Cartridges, Inkjets & Toners

Were you aware that, including those used in residences and commercially, more than 65 million inkjet printer cartridges and toners are discarded needlessly each year when their reservoirs become empty? If each ink cartridge, inkjet and toner were recycled, that would preserve the environment, there

How to Remove the One Touch 4.0 Tray

The One Touch 4.0 system tray icon provides a quick and easy way to scan documents using preset scanner settings. The system tray includes nine options with unique settings. However, this icon can clutter up your Windows Notification Area and possibly give you error messages when opening documents w

Used and Discontinued Computer Equipment - Run Your Business Systems For Less

Used and discontinued computer equipment gives IT departments the tools they need to keep their business systems running for less.If you own a business or manage an IT department, you need to be aware of the many programs available for buying used or discontinued computer equipment. With these compo

How to Save an Image to a PC Monitor Background

Setting a desktop background is a great way to customize your laptop, desktop or workstation. Whether you use a downloaded wallpaper image or a personal photograph, you can set your desktop screen to reflect your personality and interests. For best results, you should select a high-quality digital

Guide To Building Your Own Computer

Building a computer from scratch is something that most people would never consider, being quite happy to leave it to the experts. However, with just a little know-how, it’s possible to customise your computer set-up to your own specifications.

Recover Raid Arrays Immediately

RAID servers, despite their complicated nature, can fail as easily as simple hard drives. And when you need to recover RAID arrays from what looks like the abyss, there is a choice to be made...