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How to Build a Game Engine From Scratch

A general game engine, which can be reused to create many different games, can be extremely useful, but can also be very difficult to design and implement. The goal is to create games simply by creating game content and letting the engine handle all the hard work. A great deal of work can go into th

Should I Run a Dehumidifier in My Grow Room?

A grow room is any area in the home that is used exclusively as a place to grow plants, whether part of a room, a closet or even a portable, tent-like structure. The grow room typically provides for all of the plants’ needs, supplying light, water and air circulation at the optimal temperature

How to Upgrade My Twitter

In 2010, Twitter released an updated version of its website, which it called "New Twitter." This upgraded version of the Twitter web client offers more features than its predecessor and streamlines actions like viewing user profiles and searching for new users to follow. If you're currently on the o

How to Change a Hard Drive in a Dell Laptop

Have you run out of hard drive space and you want to load a new game or new photos to your computer? Upgrading your hard drive will give you the space you need to load the latest games, family photos and more. Your Dell laptop is a cinch to switch out the hard drive and give you more space for you

How to Rename a Folder With a MacBook

If you are accustomed to performing basic tasks on a PC, such as renaming files and folders, you will find that the steps are a little different on a MacBook. You will notice that there is no "Rename" option if you right-click on one of your MacBook's folders, but it is just as easy to change the na

Buy NVIDIA and AMD Graphic Card for Desktop PC

There is a significant role of entertainment in your life. Computer gaming has been exciting,educative and informative.The graphics card also called as €video-card€ which process the image on your computer.The graphics card plays an important ...

How to Upgrade a D630 CPU

Your laptop's Central Processing Unit (CPU) is among the most important components inside your computer. It is also one of the most commonly upgraded hardware components. Your processor allows your computer's software to function. The speed of your laptop's processor determines how fast your softwar

The Font Size for an Input Box

The <input> tag is a component of an HTML form. It can define a number of objects, including radio buttons, submission buttons, check boxes and text fields. A text field is an editable box that allows a visitor to input data before sending in the form. Unstyled, all text input boxes default to

How to Connect a VCR Player to a Computer Monitor

A video monitor, used for a computer, is practically the same as a TV monitor. Thus, it is able to receive video signals from a VCR if it is connected with the right cables. This might require a TV tuner device with the right connectors to link them up. You will also likely need audio speakers to tr

How to Back-Up System Restore

System Restore is a Windows fail-safe utility. It allows users to reset a computer's system files and settings to how they looked at an earlier point in time. The feature works by periodically creating detailed snapshots, called "restore points," of a computer's system files and settings. Windows us

Plasma Enclosure - Protection for Outdoor Screens

Since the emergence of flat screen LCD and plasma screen TVs, these devices are becoming commonly used out of the home, working as digital signage or information screens. Increasingly they are being used in outdoor environments too as outdoor digital signage, but ensuring a modern flat screen TV can

How to Turn Off the Scroll Lock on a Laptop

The "Scroll Lock" key is not commonly used on computers anymore. Used on older keyboards, its purpose is to allow you to move up and down a text box or document using the arrow keys without moving the cursor. It is still used in some word processing and spreadsheet applications, but the mouse has it

How to Clean a Logitech Mouse Ball

Logitech is a leading producer for all sorts of computer hardware. This hardware varies from keyboards to web cams and even mice. If you have a Logitech mouse that uses a roller ball you may find the ball becomes less sensitive as time goes by. This is due to the mouse collecting dust and other gunk

How to Put a Picture on a Typed Note With a Computer

There's nothing like a picture to personalize a typed note. Most word processing programs have the ability to add a picture to your typed note. Many spreadsheet programs (such as Excel) also have this capability. Pictures may be as simple as "clip art"--a gallery of images found with most word proce

Windows Tips for Auto Login in Windows XP With a Username and Password

While a security risk, Windows XP allows you to specify a "default" account for automatic login, eliminating the need to enter a username and password when Windows starts. There are two ways to accomplish this using features built into the operating system. The first method, recommended for most hom

How to Install CD-ROM Mounting Brackets

The majority of computer cases do not require mounting brackets to install CD-ROM or other optical drives. However, certain types of "toolless" or "screwless" cases might. These cases can be identified by the plastic tabs used to remove optical drives without opening the case. Plastic mounting brack

How to Burn Multiple DVDs

Modern computer users often need to burn personal files to discs in order to clear space on their hard drive or maintain a working backup in case of hardware failure. DVDs can hold up to 4.7GB each and can be copied easily using ISO read/write software. The application is free and creates a single f

Boardmaker Instructions

Boardmaker is an "assistive technology," symbol-based communication software program. Teachers use it to create "communication boards," which are comprised of symbols that represent concepts. For example, a shopping cart could represent shopping. The actual word "shopping" is placed above the image

Top 10 Notable Features Of Windows 7

Windows 7 is the successor of Windows Vista. It is an incremental upgradation of Windows line that aimed at recovering downsides of Vista. It was particularly designed for low end market by Microsoft. The OS ...