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Description of a Corporate Attorney

Law affects the function of society in so many ways that lawyers nearly always specialize in a particular kind of law practice. Those who specialize in law relating to the function of corporations are referred to as corporate attorneys. While their job is similar in many respects to that of other la

Certification Requirements for an Auto Mechanic

Certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence has become the industry standard for auto mechanics. Although the credential is voluntary, it serves as a way for mechanics to show that they are qualified to service a variety of vehicles. The Bureau of Labor Statistics not

How Much Does a Busboy Get Paid?

A restaurant attendant, colloquially called a busboy or a busgirl, is an entry-level restaurant employee who assists the waitstaff.

Create An Amazing EEO Investigator Resume

An EEO investigator is the person responsible for checking the compliance of rules and regulations set by EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) Commission. These investigators may work in an organization or may work independently for different ...

Treat Employees Like a Profit Centre and Prosper!

How often do you find yourself thinking "why can't I hold on to my employees? And why is it that it's the good ones that leave and the ones I wish would go are still hanging around".

Features of an Oral Presentation

The speaker decides the success of an oral presentation.business woman image by Kurhan from Fotolia.comWhen giving an oral presentation, four features decide the quality of the presentation. You need to consider and perfect the preparation, delivery, audience and visuals before you can...

Apply in a Click of a Mouse: Demystifying E-Resume

Electronic Resumes, or e-Resumes are now making its mark in the fast-paced and innovative job market. One thing that is so good about this new way of applying for a job is that you don't have to spend time and money to travel to your prospective employer. However, this innovation is yet to be p

First Aid Training From NEBOSH - Help You Get Good Job

Do you want to earn a huge amount of money each year? Are you not getting the required job satisfaction from the job that you are currently into? If the answer to all these questions is a YES, then I would suggest you to change your field and go for a course in first aid training.

How to Get to Level 13 in Angry Birds

If you have just begun playing the “Angry Birds” game, you might be having some trouble progressing through the game to level 13. “Angry Birds” is a game made by Rovio in which the player shoots angry birds at the birds’ pig enemies, who protect themselves in various ty

How to Start Your Online LPN Course

Choices are available for those who want to become a health worker. It is a common practice for LPNs and nurses working together, attending to patient's necessities and convenience.

What Are the Benefits of a Fire Marshal Course

Companies these days are advised to have a fire safety representative amongst the work-force to ensure the safety of employees and any clients or customers who may be on the premises in case of fire ...

How to Become a Florida Home Inspector With Government Recommended Training

Because of the threat of terrible storms and hurricanes, Florida has some strict building codes that must be followed. Home inspectors as well state and county inspectors help insure that builders follow these procedures and produce quality homes. To become a home inspector in Florida, as of 2010, y

Procedures Are Important in Any Business

Do you have procedures in your business? If not, why not? A procedure is a step by step outline of how to complete a task. This eliminates the room for error and is an excellent way to assist your staff in completing their tasks accurately and efficiently just the way you want them to.

Hiring Mistakes: The Boston Red Sox Experience

We all make hiring mistakes; few of us have ever been trained to consistently hire high performers. Instead we hire people we like to be around or we hire people based on a "gut" feeling. None of these criteria will let you know if the candidate can objectively meet the expectations of the

Top Tips For Buying A New Car

Today is the day that is unavoidable - the day that your car will not start. You got up this morning in a positive mood. After waking up, you eat breakfast and leave to go ...

How Much Does a Car Mechanic Make a Year?

Car mechanics repair and maintain cars and light trucks. Though they typically receive a guaranteed salary, more experienced mechanics can earn more by receiving commissions based on the labor costs charged to customers.

Relationship Between Internal Equity & Job Evaluation

Internal equity and job evaluation are closely related concepts within a company. Internal equity is a general level of fairness in the alignment of the work employees perform in their positions and the rewards they receive for it. Job evaluations are tactics used by an employer to assess the value