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From Home-base To Business Office

Are you a home-based business owner?Sure you know that you are not alone.In fact, according to several reports, there is an estimate of 100 million home-based businesses worldwide.Business owners of this nature share basically the same story of humble beginnings.Most successful businesses today star

Occupational Therapist Assistant SalaryHow Much The Job Offers?

The career as occupational therapist assistant offers excellent opportunities and good earnings. Not only the qualification and work experience, but location, certification, level of training and other factors can decide the salary for these workers. Learn some related facts and figures from the fol

How Much Rain Does Jatropha Need Per Year?

Jatropha (Jatropha curcas) is a deciduous large shrub or small tree native to South America. The tree is widely cultivated throughout the tropical regions of the world for its medicinal properties and high oil content of the seeds. Jatropha has a fast growth rate and has specific growth requirements

What Does a CIS Manager Do?

What does a computer and information systems manager do? Get career information including salary, educational requirements, outlook and job duties.

Harassment Training Ideas

Learn harassment training ideas so employees no longer have to stress out.stress image by Mat Hayward from Fotolia.comHarassment training is important to any business. It establishes that the workplace does not tolerate harassment by or against its employees. It also gives employees the...

The Benefits of Taking Freelance Writing Jobs Online

Have you ever wondered why some people who do not have full time job enjoy their freelance work so much they would be willing to live that way for a long time probably for the rest of their lives? If

Television Director Resume

A resume is an important document in your career. You really need to create it in the best possible manner. It should leave a lasting impression on the employer. In the field of direction and entertainment too, a resume plays an important role. So, if you are looking to enter the field of direction

Top Chef Career Training Tips

If you are wanting a chef career that goes beyond a short-order cook and basic food preparation worker, you are going to need additional training from what you can get on the job. A high ...

Pharma Law for Sales Reps in California

Most aspects of the pharmaceutical industry are tightly regulated: the medicines which companies develop and sell can have serious ill effects on patients if improperly used, and the abuse of prescription drugs is illegal. These laws regulate the process of developing drugs, of prescribing them, and

How to Negotiate a Position

Business schools teach us rules for negotiating a position. But it's much different when you actually have to do it. Personal characteristics and ethics are most important. The golden rule is to have high self-esteem. The employer wants you for the position; otherwise you wouldn't be in the intervie

Are You Ready For a Paradigm Shift?

"Paradigm shift." That phrase sounds kind of scary doesn't it? After all, it was a paradigm shift that took place when people began to view the earth as round instead of flat. Paradigm shifts can sometimes be quite monumental. A paradigm can be thought of as an enduring and accepted e

How to Decrease Licensure Exam Anxiety

Study Guides and Strategies says that pre-exam anxiety is normal. (Ref. 2.) This is especially true of a licensure exam that is required to certify you to work in your chosen field. Anxiety can impair your exam performance if you let it get the upper hand. Fortunately, there are many ways to decreas

How to Write a Performance Action Plan

A performance action plan, also called a performance improvement plan, offers an employee guidelines for improvement, in writing, by the employee's manager or supervisor. The action plan is presented to the employee during his performance review. The plan generally includes a time frame in which th

Leadership - What It Takes for An Organization to Succeed

Leadership represents the overall strategies that enable business executives to create a context and a work culture in which employees will feel good, will be valued for their work and will have every opportunity to develop their full potential and make it available to the business they work for (an

Effective Resume Writing Takes a Customer Centric View

Today's job market is extremely competitive and especially with the global financial crisis, it is doubly important that a person secure employment. Getting the perfect job will depend on the person's caliber as well as on the level of commitment put to the actual process of seeking employ

How To Avoid Some Common Pitfalls In Your Resume

Writing a resume is far more than listing qualifications and experience. It is a vital document and needs to be designed to sell you to your prospective employer. There are some common mistakes people make. Here are the most common.