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How to Replace an ABS Controller in a Chevy Silverado

The anti-lock braking system (ABS) on the Chevy Silverado prevents the brakes from locking during an emergency stop. The ABS controller does this by reducing the braking force to any wheel that is rotating significantly more slowly than the others. The ABS warning light may mean you need to replace

How do I Test the O2 Sensor in a 1987 22RE?

The oxygen sensor in 1987 Toyota's 22RE engine monitors the oxygen content in the exhaust. It sends a signal to the computer via a voltage output. The voltage output changes depending on whether the exhaust mixture is lean or rich -- the leaner the mixture, the lower the voltage. The computer uses t

Chevy Trailblazer Waterpump Removal

The Chevy Trailblazer midsize SUV is equipped with Chevrolet's tried and tested 3.6 liter V-6 engine or the small block V-8. Both engines offer great access to the engine compartment and the various pumps and generators needed to make the engine and car run smoothly. The water pump is one of the eas

How to Remove the Spare and Change the Tire on a Plymouth Voyager

Being stranded on a deserted highway or country road with a flat tire can be nerve-racking if you don't know how to change a tire. Refer to the owner's manual for jack placement points and the location of the jack and tools. Most vans and SUVs such as the Plymouth Voyager keep a spare tire under the

What Purpose Does Dyno Tuning Serve?

If you are looking for a tune-up of great quality for your car, dyno tuning could be the solution. For the smoothest performance at an economical price, there is no better solution other than dyno tuning. Here's how this procedure could rev up your car for a great ride.

How to Install Wheel Studs on a 1967 Porsche

A classic car is just a show room piece if it is unable to drive. Your 1967 Porsche probably looks great in your garage, but without wheel studs it isn't going anywhere. The wheel studs are the hanging points where you place the wheels and lock the lug nuts onto. These are critical parts you can't d

Troubleshooting a Fuel Pump on 1995 960 Volvo

The Volvo 900 series were mid-sized cars that were manufactured in the 1980s and 1990s. The Volvo 960 was first manufactured in 1991. It was sold throughout the world and offered an all-new aluminum 24-valve DOHC inline six-cylinder engine. Volvo decided to end production of the 960 in 1998. The 960

How to Replace the Front Wheel Bearings on a 2000 Nissan Altima

The 2000 Nissan Altima was equipped with a 2.4-liter transverse mounted inline-four cylinder engine. The front-wheel-drive Altima used either an automatic, or manual transaxle. The front wheels are driven by two axle shafts with CV joints. A single wheel bearing is mounted in the wheel hub at the st

How to Install MSD Spark Plug Wires

The spark plug wires on your car's engine are small but important components of the ignition system. If the wires are in poor condition then the spark may not be sent reliably to the plugs. A common upgrade is also replacing the existing plug wires with larger, more efficient wires that send a stron

How To Maintain Car Engines For Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency of car engines is considered as an imperative and essential factor when buying a new car, all thanks to the high fuel prices. By following these easy to follow guidelines, you can not only improve your car engine's fuel economy by up to 25 percent but also increase your engine l

How to Pass Your Car Mot Test

What is car test? The MOT test, as it is often called, is an acronym of Ministry of Transport test. Every car owner in UK whose vehicle is more than 3 years old must have ...

How Do You Insulate the Cap of a Pickup Truck?

The modern truck cap is made with fiberglass, a suitable material because it can be molded into many shapes and is strong. One of its weaknesses, however, is that it doesn't have a very high R-value, which is a rating of a material's ability to resist heat transfer. To protect your cargo against tem

How to Replace a Windstar Door Lock

Door locks on the Ford Winstar can wear out over time. The driver-side door lock is especially prone to wear, as it is the one most often used. The door lock on this vehicle comes in two parts if it has power locks. The door lock, bolted to the inside of the door jamb, is part of the latch assembly.

How to Change the Coolant Sensor & Antifreeze in a 1999 Saturn

The 1999 model Saturn came equipped with a coolant sensor, whose purpose was to relay information about the coolant’s temperature to the instrument panel. The sensor was mounted on the engine, at the point where the coolant enters the engine from the radiator. A defective sensor should be

How to Install a Brake Controller in a '97 Land Cruiser

The 1997 Land Cruiser has a maximum towing capacity of 5,000 pounds when properly equipped. A trailer of this mass requires an electric trailer braking system in most states. These brakes are powered via a brake controller installed on the tow vehicle. The brake controller uses a motion sensing dev

How to Adjust the Timing in a Honda CR-V

Adjusting the timing on a Honda CR-V requires special tools and a clear understanding of engine mechanics. Installing aftermarket performance parts necessitates adjusting the timing to maximize horsepower and minimize exhaust emissions. Adjusting the timing on a Honda CR-V is also part of a standard

How to Install a Turbo Charger on a BB Chevy

A turbocharger is a form of forced air induction that uses impellers to force air into the engine's combustion chambers. Installation of a turbocharger system on a big block chevrolet engine is not a conventional undertaking; however, it can, and has, been done. The installation process requires mil

How to Make a Dual Snorkle Air Cleaner

Custom car restorers look for specific options when building their vehicles. One of those options is a dual snorkel air cleaner, which was used frequently in the late 1960s and early 1970s in muscle cars. The snorkel refers to the long piece of plastic tubing which starts with a metal tube off of th

How to Remove the Sparks From a 1997 Expedition 5.4

Performing a tuneup on your Expedition will help increase engine performance and gas mileage, and has been shown to increase the lifespan of the engine. To perform a tuneup, you must first remove the old spark plugs so you can replace them with properly sized new ones. Removing your spark plugs can

How to Repair a Leak Around a Motorhome AC

Most air conditioning units in motorhomes are mounted to the roof, so the first thing you should check is whether it is the air conditioning unit, the roof or both causing the problem. The air conditioning unit should sit slightly above the roof with a gap between the bottom of the unit and the roof