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Video: Candy Bar Slider Party Favor: Assembly

Video Transcript Alright, you've taken your favorite chocolate bar, whatever kind it is. You've cut and scored your paper, now we're ready to assemble the slider. What I like to do next, is go ahead with my red sticky stick, sticky strip, and place a line, right at the very edge....

Easy Quilting Directions

Quilts have been made by hand for centuries, and some of the oldest quilts predate the founding of the United States. The basic quilt stitch has not changed in all that time. A piece of thread is sewn through three layers, connecting them together and creating a fabric sandwich of sorts. Quilting ca

How to Make a Paper Box Pattern

Paper boxes are a decorative way to give gifts or store small items. They also can be used as favor boxes for weddings or parties because you are able to make them any size using almost any type of decorative paper. The combinations and possibilities are endless. Because they are made from paper, th

National Science Foundation Short Term Grants

The NSF funds a range of science and technology programs.science image by guy from Fotolia.comThe federal National Science Foundation (NSF) mission is "to promote the progress of science; to advance the national health, prosperity, and welfare; to secure the national defense..." To meet...

Color Crafts for Children

Even coloring in a book can help improve your child's skills.colors image by dinostock from Fotolia.comChildren learn by playing, so provide them with crafting opportunities that are fun and engaging while developing crucial skills. Drawing and painting can develop fine motor skills,...

Reindeer Crafts for Preschoolers to Make Out of Your Feet and Hands

Preschoolers love crafts and they love the magic and beauty of Christmas decorating. Invite your preschool child to help decorate your home with easy and enjoyable crafts. Your child loves to give gifts he made himself, so don't forget to make several different crafts your child's grandparents or ot

How to Create an Evite Invitation

Following in the steps of electronic greeting cards surpassing the real mailbox stuffers, electronic invitations hit party-goers' inboxes from websites such as evite.com. The free service allows a party or event planner to customize every step of the planning process, with benefits such as instant R

How to Make Wax Candles

Have you ever wanted to make your own candles? These can make great gifts, or simply custom decorations for your own home. Here are some simple steps you can take to creating your own signature candles.

Simple Tips For Dressmaking

One of the most wonderful activities and pastimes since time immemorial is sewing, specifically dressmaking. Aside from being beneficial because it enables a person to wear his or her own clothes and use his or ...

What Is Silk Screen Printing?

There are many different techniques used for silk screen printing, but the simplest explanation of the process involves using stencils to block certain areas of a mesh screen, forming a design. Paint or ink is then applied to the screen, which filters through the areas of the mesh not blocked by the

The History of Moire Fabric

Moire is a shiny fabric that resembles marble or ripples of water. This luxurious-looking fabric has been used and valued throughout history for making items such as clothing, drapery and flags. Originally made out of goat hair, moire is now made from silk and even acetate fibers.

How to Make an Embroidery Pattern Catalog

Embroidering is an enjoyable hobby. Over time, however, you may collect a lot of different patterns and not know where to put them. If you want to store them in an organized fashion instead of just tossing them into a box, you can make a simple binder with clear page protectors. This will allow you

How to Make Men's Trousers

Finding the perfect pair of new trousers, or indeed even a suitable pair of new trousers, can sometimes be a chore. The limitations of commercial clothing sizing and style options often leave a good part of the population hanging on to old clothes, particularly for those uninterested in following th

How to Make Mitered Borders on Quilts

Quilts can be bound in a number of ways. The quilt back can be folded to the front and stitched in place. Ribbon can be stitched on the edge of the quilt. You can use bias binding tape or straight binding tape to hold the edges of the quilt together. All of these binding methods require mitered corn

How to Prepare a Hexagon Quilt

The hexagon quilt, also known by the popular name of Grandmother's Flower Garden, was first made in England during the 18th century. It's popularity quickly spread across the Atlantic Ocean, and the quilt became a hit with American women looking for an attractive, efficient way to use up fabric scra

Why Is Egyptian Cotton So Soft?

In the past two decades, consumers have taken a greater interest in the quality and characteristics of natural cotton products. The gold standard of quality has long been Egyptian cotton, which has developed a reputation for opulent comfort in such products as high thread count sheets. Many impostor

Interesting Types of Octopus

The family of octopods covers any marine animal with a total of eight legs and no internal skeleton. As you can imagine, this covers a wide range of animals that prowl the ocean floor. Many of the family members have similar traits and diets, but a few members of the octopod family stand out from ot

Homemade Tetherball Pole

Tetherball is a back- and school-yard game that was introduced in the 1970s. It is played by two people with a ball attached to a cord from an upright pole. Players use either their hands or paddles to wind the ball and cord around the pole. Shop for tetherball poles online or make your own using an