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How to Replace Wheels on a Razor Scooter

Razor scooters are lightweight scooters popular among young children. By adjusting the height, a Razor scooter will grow with your child from early elementary school through middle school. If your child is complaining about a rough ride on his scooter, check its wheels. Frequent braking on steep hil

Acrylic Frames Crafts

Acrylic frames are decorative accessories that you can hang on the walls in your home, put on display in your office or give away as homemade gifts. Acrylic is a desirable paint material to use with frames -- and other craft projects -- because of its fast-drying properties and because acrylic paint

How to Make an Art Portfolio Case

An art portfolio case can be fairly expensive -- especially if you are a student or budding artist on a budget. However, with a few inexpensive items, a moderate understanding of sewing, and a little time, you can make a custom portfolio you will be proud to use.

Dirt Bikes And Unit Clothing

Oftentimes if you are into dirt bikes you are in need of plenty more associated items such as unit clothing and other fun dirt bike accessories. This is due to the fact that in order to get the most out of your dirt bikes you have to make sure that you have the right equipment and the right unit clo

Ideas to Organize Your Yarn Crafts

It's easy to organize your yarn craft supplies.yarn and crochet needles image by Kathy Burns from Fotolia.comKnitters and crocheters have their own set of acronyms. There’s the LYS, or local yarn shop. UFOs are not aliens, but unfinished objects. WIP is a work in progress. If you...

How to Create a Memory Box for Seniors

Memory boxes contain items to remind the recipient of a favorite memory. Often the items are valueless to everyone but the person receiving the box. Memory boxes can contain old ticket stubs, pictures, locks of hair or stones from various parts of the world. Memory boxes are useful to give to senior

Create Awareness Using Dentist Marketing

If you run any kind of business in modern society, you may know that you need to make people conscious of your product. This is often true even for people who practice in the health specialties like dentistry. There are lots of dentists available to people, and if you would like your dentist busines

Ideas for Reusing Paper & Cardboard

Instead of throwing out those old cardboard boxes and papers, turn them into works of art to display around your home. Reusing paper not only keeps it out of the landfill, it also provides you with a free, yet versatile, craft material for making both functional and decorative items.

How to Mod Textures in Minecraft

You can edit the texture pack that runs with your version of Minecraft by editing the "minecraft.jar" file located with your game files. The "minecraft.jar" file is referenced by the game to populate the world with information including texture information. You can edit anything you see in the game

How to Make a Papier Mache USA Map

There are two basic types of papier mache techniques: the strip-paper technique and the pulp technique. In the first method, strips of paper are covered with glue and overlapped on a predetermined shape. Paper mashed into a pulp, forms the basis of the second technique. Papier mache is a versatile,

How to Make a Model Car Out of Tin

Many old-fashioned toys and models were made of tin because it could be easily shaped into many things. A great project for any model-car enthusiast is the Tin Lizzie itself, the Ford Model T. It was the first car to be mass produced that was affordable for the working class.

How to Make No-Sew Polar Fleece Blankets

Since the edges of polar fleece do not fray or unravel when cut it, you can make a simple, no-sew fleece blanket by cutting the fabric to the desired size. The more popular, no-sew polar fleece blanket, however, requires two equal sizes of fleece that are tied together to make a fringed blanket. Sti

How to Hand Sew a Satin Stitch

A satin stitch is a stitch in embroidery that is used to fill in small shapes. It creates a solid block of colored embroidery, and it is one of the basic steps to use when filling in a design. Use the satin stitch for a small simple design like a leaf or a flower petal. Use several rows of a satin s

How to Make a Poppet Doll

In some Wiccan cultures, dolls are used to assist magical workers in their spell-castings and rituals. A poppet is a type of magical doll used to bring about positive results in areas such as healing, love or luck. The doll symbolically represents the person, male or female, at the center of the spe

What Is Pattern Grading?

In order to recreate the latest catwalk fashions or just a favorite dress, every budding home sewer or budding dressmaker must first master the art of pattern grading. This is a process that proportionally adapts a basic pattern to a range of sizes while preserving the fit, style and scale of the ga

How to Make a Guitar Slide Ring

Some guitarists use a handheld metal bar when playing slide guitar. This type of guitar slide is popular with Hawaiian lap-steel guitarists and guitarists that play a Dobro. Other guitarists use a ring called a slide ring that slips over the finger. This leaves four fingers available to fret the gui

How to Upload Photos & Video

Uploading video and photos to your personal computer are two functions with very similar steps. Personal computers provide photographers and videographers with a great storage device as well as many tools for editing and presenting their pictures and video. The features for displaying and presenti