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5 Ways to Market Your Products Online for Free

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One of the greatest skills to have on the internet is to know how to market products well. Once you are good at this, people will search high and low and pay you insane commissions just to get you to sell their products. Forget about paying for traffic. You will save money if you get it for free...

1. Articles

This one is perhaps the most widely used way to market stuff for free on the internet. Writing articles is also the easiest too. All you have to do is write a 250 word article and you can have it viewed by 100's of targeted people. There are always people out there who are looking for information on certain things. If you can write something useful and something that solves their problems, they are going to consider you as an expert. They will click on your link and if they like what they see, a sale will be made!


·         Ezine.com

·         Articlebase.com

·         GoArticles.com

2. Bookmark Your Stuff
Here is one of those ways that have to do with social networking. Basically all you have to do is find great sites and then bookmark them so that other people can see it. If these bookmarks are good, people will vote and in turn many more people will see it. Do you see the opportunity here? Why not bookmark your articles or product pages? People will begin to notice you and you will develop fans. The trick to this is to also bookmark stuff that you find interesting. Bookmark stuff that is related to what you are selling even if you won't make money from it. Why? Because if it is that good, the bookmark sites will rank you high and you will gain more exposure because people will see you and look at what else you have bookmarked!


·         Digg.com

·         Buzz.yahoo.com

·         Technorati.com

*Use this tool to speed up your bookmarking if you are going to submit to many of these places. It is called OnlyWire and I use it all the time!

3. Comment on Relevant Blogs

You must comment on other people's blogs for two reasons. One, people will see your link and click on it. Two, search engines will see it as backlinks and will rank your site/articles much faster and higher. Just be sure to provide "value" in your comments and to comment on sites that rank "high" in the search engines. Don't be like this: " I liked your article, learn how to make $506,484 in 7 minutes. www.IamscammingYou.com" People will see it and automatically throw it into their mental trash. And believe me, you don't want to be there. What I recommend is to just leave a comment and have no words advertising your products. Instead just add a link with a title that says something relevant. Here is an example:

"This article was great. I can't wait to put these money making strategies into action. Thanks"

Do you see how the link is just there. People won't consider it as spam and will automatically click it. If the article was about money making strategies and your link has that, people will click! Don't you love me?

4. Forums

Forums are a great way to establish a relationship with people. The more you give, the more you get. If you offer value to people's questions and opinions, they will click on your link and see what else you have to offer having in the back of their mind that you always provide value. Then anything you give them will be considered valuable.

5. Free Classifieds
Here is something that requires little effort. All you need to do is to write a 100 word little ad and people will see it. Make sure that your ad is, again, "valuable." Don't sound spammy, especially in the title which is the first thing people will see. Would you really want to click on something that says "MAKE $5000 IN THE NEXT 2 WEEKS ONLINE", hell no. No one is going to click on it. By the way, putting everything in caps lock is not going to help either. It is said that when search engines see things all in caps, they automatically consider it as SPAM! So knock it off.


·         kijiji.com

·         usfreeads.com

·         isell.com

·         eclassifieds4u.com/

There you go guys. The most important thing I can give you right now is this: Put it into friggin action right now because all of this is useless if you do not use it. It is not enough just to know it. Here is a little goal: Write one article a day for 3 months. That will be 93 articles by the end   of month 3. Just do it now...

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