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Connect to the Energy - Of Your Breath

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Every day we connect to the energy of something - the energy of things, people, places.
Some we do consciously and on purpose but many we don't.
- What if we put focus on some of our connections? - How will connecting to the energy of something on purpose help me? Have you ever been sitting at your desk, working, when you pause to look out the window? 10 minutes later you wonder where you just were? You were connected to the energy of your daydream or memory - wherever you were for those 10 minutes.
For this connection exercise, we will start with something everyone does without thinking - breathing! Take just 5 minutes a day.
And if you're really pressed for time, do 3 minutes on those days and 5-10 minutes on the days you have a few extra minutes to spare.
This isn't a breathing exercise and it's not a meditation.
We are going to connect to the energy of the breath.
Find a place where you can be alone and have a seat.
Close your eyes if you'd like and make yourself comfortable.
Now, all I want you to do is breathe.
Don't change your breath, just breathe like you have been doing.
But pay attention.
Focus on your breath.
Are you breathing shallow or do you take deep breaths? When you breathe do you make a noise or are you a silent breather? Does your chest move when you breathe or your stomach or both? Do you breathe with your mouth open or closed? After you've been focusing for approximately a minute, take 3 deep breaths.
Breathe in through your nose for a count of 5, hold for 3 and exhale, through your mouth.
Now, return to just breathing.
Is there a difference from before? Did something shift? And now, add an additional thought to your breathing.
As you breathe in, imagine all of the cells of your body getting the wonderful oxygen they need to feel nourished.
As you exhale, know that your body is releasing carbon dioxide to the plant life around you as well as releasing toxins that no longer serve your body.
Feel the oxygen nourishing your cells-in and know that the release of toxins are benefiting your cells-out, making room for healthy oxygen-in.
Return to your breathing and just observe.
Has it changed? What differences do you notice? Do this connection to your breathing for 3-5 minutes (longer if you'd like) every day for a week.
- Do you feel more energized, do you feel more relaxed? - Do you feel like you are taking in more oxygen with each breath even when you aren't focusing on it? - Do you feel as if you're releasing more toxins when your focus isn't on the exhale? - Are there other changes you've noticed? I find this simple exercise can be done in a crowded room, a noisy room, a quiet location or out in nature.
Anywhere works.
Even on the days you feel you have no time because of what's going on in your life, you can do it on the walk to your car, the walk down the hall, when going up or down the stairs for the laundry - anywhere.
I would love to hear what differences you have noticed with this simple, quick exercise.
Connect to the energy of your breath - every day! In Part 2, we will connect to the energy of your imagination...
Angel Blessings to you.
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