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Why You Need To Keep Your Chainsaws Manual

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When you purchase a chainsaw, you will receive some pieces of documentation that you are required to keep for the life of the machine or until you pass it off onto someone else. One of the more important of these documents includes the manual, which will provide you with vital information regarding the correct use of the machine and how it should be maintained. There are a number of reasons why you simply shouldn't toss your manual aside, and they have been outlined in the list below:

  • Read it before using the chainsaw
    It is important that you read the manual before using the machine for the first time. Whilst it is not practical to read it cover to cover, you should at least skim through the booklet and make sure that you are aware of all the operating procedures and safety precautions involved. Once you have finished, make sure that you put the manual somewhere accessible in case you need to look up something later on.

  • Include it when selling the chainsaw
    If you decide to sell your machine at some point in the future, you will actually find it much easier to offload if you are able to provide the buyer with the manual, too. You may even find that people are willing to pay a little bit extra knowing that they will receive all of the important documentation, as this provides them with vital operating information and even with store locations for servicing and repairs.

  • Refer for warranty information
    In many cases, the manual that comes with your chainsaw will also include all of its warranty information. This means that you need the manual if you want to get damage or issues that full under this warranty period repaired free of charge. The information provided should also tell you what sorts of actions will void your warranty, such as using the wrong kind of oil or operating in certain circumstances.

  • Ensure the safety of all in the vicinity
    The manual that comes with the chainsaw will provide you with all sorts of information that is designed to ensure your safety (and that of the people around you), as well as how you can keep the machine well maintained and in good condition. Whilst many of the safety tips provided will seem like common sense, there are a huge number of accidents due to the fact that the operator simply hasn't read through their manual.

Even when taking every precaution possible to keep track of your chainsaw manual, there is always the chance that it will somehow become misplaced anyway, especially when moving house or lending the machine to others. If you are unable to locate your manual, it could be possible to find a replacement copy on the internet (simply type in the model of your chainsaw followed by the word "manual"). Providing that you don't own an overly rare model or brand, you should be able to find what you're looking for.
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