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How to Plant Perennial Garden

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      Creating a planting bed under trees smothers the tree's surface feeder roots.Old Tree Roots image by Andikong from Fotolia.com

      Pick a sunny location with good soil. While there are perennials that grow in shade, you have a wider selection if your garden is in sun. Avoid nearby trees, and you also avoid underground, interfering root systems.

    • 2). Sketch your chosen area to scale on graph paper. For small beds, four squares may equal 1 foot. A single square may be 2 or even 4 feet for very large gardens.

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      Frugal gardeners may start perennial seeds in early spring.Pots of flowers and plants. image by Supertrooper from Fotolia.com

      Choose plants suited for your USDA Hardiness Zone, the garden's sun exposure and soil type. Look for favorites that catch your eye or that impress when planted as a group, paying attention to bloom times and colors. List them in three columns: short, medium or tall perennials. Number each variety.

    • 4). Draw circles, ovals or irregular outlines showing plant placement, and write the corresponding perennial's number in the shape. Keep the plants spaced according to their mature size, and place short plants in the foreground, medium plants in the garden's center and tall perennials in the back. Tally how many plants you will need of each variety.

    • 5). Amend the soil of your planned bed, if necessary, in late winter or early spring. After the average last frost date, purchase and lay out your perennial plants according to your plan. Once each plant is in place, remove the container, loosen bound roots and plant each perennial. Water in and mulch well.

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