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The Money Making Algorithm

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Algorithm is a word that is usually related to incomprehensible mathematical or computer related problem, but it is just a simple concept.
Programmers wouldn't be able to work if the primary concept would be a complicated one.
You need to start simple and evolve from there.
Just like the simple seed that becomes a complicated, huge tree with thousands of branches and millions of leaves, fruits and roots.
The ordered sequence that starts somewhere and finishes at some specified point.
You follow the steps in order to achieve something.
This is not a highly philosophical concept and yet, it sounds like something reserved for brilliant minds.
What is the Money Making Algorithm translated to Plain English? Simply put, is the step by step guide to make money online.
The only difference here is, that if you think about it as a concept, you will find that there is no real mystery about making money online.
It is just a simple sequence of activities and knowledge that takes you from point A to point B.
Writing articles for the web, is one of those steps, but it is just that.
A simple step.
Most people are yearning to learn about how to make money online but are scared to dead when facing Big Words like "Algorithm".
The truth is, that most words have a simple meaning, and all you need to do is relax and pay attention to the concepts.
There are a lot of veterans that are just getting in touch with those weird machines called computers and are making a lot of money online.
They are not afraid to change and would never take a step back when facing new challenges.
If they don't know something, they would just ask their 7 years old grand son and problem solved.
The other problem with concepts is that our culture teach us to become lazy people.
Even more when it comes to think.
We are mentally lazy people.
Now, having established that the Algorithm concept is very easy to understand and apply, How would we do that? How could we take advantage of that knowledge and make money online? Well, it is very simple.
You can create a diagram with some business model you know very well and transfer that process to online marketing.
The principles are the same.
You need a product to sell, a place to keep the offer (Your store - Your website) and a payment processor.
(like Clickbank) This is not an easy algorithm though, and it doesn't matter how many folks are telling you to play that red button and start getting insane amounts of money.
That is not so easy but it is not impossible either.
All you need is to have the right algorithm in place and follow it in a smart way.
Meaning that you might change and improve any step in case you find some better way to do it or stick to the method proposed.
Nothing is carved on stone and with Internet, as the living creature it is, this is even more strict.
You may want to create some graphic or outline to help you to take some control over the list of activities to perform.
If you check my info box, you will find a link to one Algorithm Diagram as an example.
If you are persistent enough and follow the algorithm proposed, you will be making money online very soon.
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