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Ask the DJ - DJing with CD Player and Laptop

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Dear DJ Ron:

I'm looking to buy two Pioneer CDJ-400s when I get back from Afghanistan in May, and I also have a MacBook Pro. I am not a DJ yet, but I was just wondering how the CDJs and MacBook go together? Do you just use the computer to tell you what the players are doing? Or is there more to it? Is the computer even necessary with the players?


Dear Jason,

First, thank you for serving our country so bravely.

Basically - you should decide if you want to DJ:

1 - With music CDs/USB drives played in the CDJ-400
2 - With a laptop - using timecode CD in CD player
3 - With a laptop - using a controller (like a Vestax VCI-100) and no CD players

I have not used the Pioneer CDJ-400 - but they appear to work with USB thumb drives - so you could have your music on a USB drive, plug it into the CDJ-400 and spin the tracks from the drive, with no computer needed.

I would recommend that you play with them at a store before you purchase.

Good luck!
DJ Ron
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