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Is Jiu Jitsu The Best Martial Art For Kids?

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All parents want to make sure that their children are safe at a very young age as they are away from the parent for most of the day.
They want to make sure their kid never gets bullied at school so you may be thinking what would be the best martial art to put my kids in? Well the answer is put your kids in a Jiu Jitsu class! A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class teaches kids many things that will be valuable for the rest of their lives.
The Martial Art of Bjj has actually kept its original form unlike most other martial arts that have changed over the years.
One of the many things Bjj teaches kids is self defense.
Best of all it teaches it without your kids having to strike another person.
So for example, let's say your son is at school and gets cornered by a bully who tries to fight him.
Well your son equipped with his new found Jiu Jitsu schools if needed could defend himself without striking the bully.
In fact, he can even use his new moves to hold the bully in a position where he can't move to try and reason with him.
This way no one gets hurt and problem is solved.
Yes, I know some of you may have the opposite problem being that your son is the bully and you are scared that a martial art will make him think he is even tougher.
Well another main thing Jiu Jitsu teaches little kids is discipline.
Bjj teaches kids to be very disciplined as Bjj is generally a humble sport.
If your son is the bully and you sign him up for some classes he will soon realize that he is not as tough as he thought he was.
He will try and try and his attempts would fail and eventually this alone will humble him.
He will see kids much smaller than him defeat him in a wrestling match.
This alone will greatly humble your kid, not only your kid but yourself if you train.
Another great aspect I don't want to leave out is that Jiu Jitsu does not rely on personal strength rather it teaches you that technique defeats power size and strength.
Your kids and teens will find that they are easily able to use these techniques they learn in class to use for themselves against bigger and stronger bullies.
So if you are thinking about a gift for your child's birthday, choose Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
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