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How Using Location Helps the Mobile Marketer

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The greatest benefit of mobile marketing for you, as a mobile marketer, is that you can target your clientele by means of their current location. Using location effectively helps you make the most of your mobile marketing efforts.

In this article, we bring you top tips on how to use this location feature to your maximum advantage. Follow this advice and you are bound to succeed with mobile marketing.

1. Decide Your Goals

Before starting off anything at all, plan out your entire strategy. Decide who your audience should be and how you plan to create awareness about your product or service.

Also chalk out your exact goals and decide how much you want to invest in your promotion program, energy-wise, time-wise and money-wise. Keep a clear objective in mind and then proceed with your marketing efforts. This alone will ensure step-by-step success in your venture.

2. Do Not Spam Mobile User

While location is a great tool that drives relevant traffic to your business, you should be careful never to overuse it. Mobile users are very often wary of their privacy being invaded. No one likes it if you send them message after message about your business when they happen to be in your area of activity.

Instead, you should throw the ball in the user’s court. Offer them a location-based search, which advises helps meet their needs. Also, let the users choose if they want to receive notifications or advice on the services they may want to access in your particular area.

Users who are interested will automatically get back to you. This way, you can also drive traffic to your business more effectively and with less effort taken on your part.

3. Be Relevant and Contextual

Offer to your potential customer only what is relevant to him or her. Finding out what most interests your users and offering that service to them will enhance their user experience, making them visit you much more often.

Offering users discounts or coupons, for example, will immediately command their interest and open up an opportunity for you to begin interacting with them.

4. Magic in Numbers

Do not be afraid to target all possible mobile customers. Make your campaign accessible to a variety of customers, irrespective of the type of handset they may use. The best way here is to send potential users a text message, which works with all kinds of operating systems.

Of course, at the same time, do take care not to overwhelm your potential customer with too many messages.

5. Mobile Customers Behave Differently

Remember that mobile users do not behave the same way that online Web users do. Hence, take care not to use the same online marketing strategies for mobile marketing.

Mobile users, unlike online Web users, do not access information from one particular place. They are always on the move. Hence, you have to be time sensitive in order to reach them information about your products and services.

Also understand that you can never guarantee predictable results with mobile users, for this very reason.

6. Mobile Phones Behave Differently

Not only mobile customers, but mobile browsers too, behave differently. For one, display screens of mobile phones, no matter how huge or clear, are much, much tinier as compared to PC or laptop screens. Also, cell phone processor capability is much more limited. To top this, lack of proper mobile network could hamper your customer reach.

But mobile technology is great in that it can capture remote information quickly and more or less accurately. This advantage will help you work effectively with location.

7. Employ Multi-Platform Mobile Advertising

“Multi-platforming” is the current mantra in the mobile marketing industry. Not only are there several types of mobile brands and operating systems, but there are also diverse types of mobile devices available to you today.

The wise thing for you to do would be to design flexible content that will be compatible with multiple mobile devices. Understand each device, its pluses and minuses. Work your way through its limitations. This way, you will be able to reach a much wider audience.

Also make sure to design content that you can upgrade easily. This will ensure that you will be able to reach even the latest generation of mobile devices.

8. Focus on the Customer

Your main goal has to be to serve the customer and help him or her in a way as to make his/her life easier. Charting out long-term goals is what is going to benefit you in the long run. So do not be in a hurry to start roping in customers at the earliest. Instead, keep trying various ways to attract them and find out what works, through trial and error.

Mobile customers are fickle. Their needs and behaviour is in a constant state of flux. So be ready to work quickly and offer them what they require as of that particular moment.

How pretty your package looks is not important here – how useful it is, is what really matters. Keep your focus on the utility of your product or service and highlight that aspect while marketing it to the mobile user.

9. Keep Up the Novelty

Make sure you always have something novel to offer to your customer. It never pays to follow the same strategy all the time – that gets boring for the potential customer.

Keep experimenting with your mobile marketing strategy. Find out new ways and means to entice your customer.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes to get a third-person perspective on things. Would you be as interested in the product or service if you were at the receiving end of the self-same advertising strategy? If yes, chances are that your marketing efforts would succeed immensely. If not, you will have to work out things differently with your marketing strategy.
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