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You Don"t Have To Worry About Your Home"s Interior Design, But You Should - Here"s Why (And How)!

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Most people don't consciously give interior design a second thought.
You may briefly notice certain spaces, such as doctor's waiting rooms, the office of a business contact, or the house of one of your child's friends.
Although the way these places look register within you quickly, that very brief observation is enough for you to draw a conclusion about the place, as well as the people within it.
If your doctor's waiting room is gray, lit with fluorescent lights and lined with cheap, uncomfortable chairs, then you may think that your doctor is not a comforting person.
But if the waiting room is lit by table lamps and lined with couches and armchairs, you will feel more relaxed about your appointment.
If your business contact's office is sparse of any décor then you may think that this person is very no-nonsense and lacking in creativity.
If your child's friend lives in a cluttered, disorganized house then you may perceive the family as being scatter-brained.
First impressions are very important, and nothing presents this like how you present yourself, and how you keep your "space"-whether it is your waiting room, office or home.
Fortunately, unlike what you may believe, interior design of any of these spaces does not have to be very expensive or complicated! The quickest, easiest way to completely transform a space is through light.
If you have fluorescent lights, you can try switching some areas of the space to bulbs (even long-lasting lightbulbs have a more yellow tone, which is what you need).
Purchase some table or floor lamps from a home goods stores and position these in the corners of the space.
In the home, you should not use fluorescent lights at all-only use table or floor lamps.
The next easiest way to transform your space is through wall color-yes, paint! Warm, relaxing colors, as well as shades of green, are the calmest.
Think of browns, tans, yellows, and golds.
Even only painting one or two walls will grant the space the change it needs.
Next, you should purchase some plants.
Live plants are best, as long as they are watered regularly.
There are several hardy species of plant that do well indoors and away from windows.
These plants can be hung from the ceiling in pots or placed on side tables.
If you wish to go further, purchasing new furniture is your next step.
Taste in furniture varies widely from person to person and space to space, but generally, if the furniture looks and feels inviting then it is what you are looking for!
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