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How to Build a Leather Headboard With Nailheads

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    • 1). Disassemble the headboard from your bed frame, and place the headboard onto a flat surface.

    • 2). Measure the length and width of the headboard using a measuring tape, not including the legs.

    • 3). Cut out a piece of lightweight leather using shears to the same measurements as the headboard, plus four inches on all sides.

    • 4). Cut out two pieces of 4-inch-thick cotton batting to the same exact measurements as the headboard.

    • 5). Lay the batting into a stack on top of the headboard, lining up the edges.

    • 6). Lay the leather piece on top of the batting, positioning the leather evenly over the batting and headboard.

    • 7). Fold the edges of the leather piece over to the back of the headboard, and staple the edges of the leather in place using a staple gun and 1/2-inch-wide staples. Keep the leather taut as you staple.

    • 8). Place a nailhead tack onto the front of the leather-covered headboard, and hammer the nailhead in place. Repeat to hammer nailhead tacks into a pattern around the front of the headboard, such as an outline, a shape or a scroll-work design.

    • 9). Reassemble the leather nailhead headboard back onto your bed frame for use.

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