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Healthy Competition always paves the way for improvement. Every single participant of the competition struggles to succeed his/her competitor by removing the negatives and adding more positives to ones objectives or strategies and this is what leads them towards improvement. The upraising trends in the business world has made the competition so tough that one has to make loads of endeavors in order to attain a prominent position in the market. In way of these struggles, people have diversified the tools of marketing to a huge extent.

Banner is one of the essential and oldest tools used for the advertising and marketing campaigns. At the start of its journey, it was a part of all the BTL activities of a marketing campaign. Its selected content and graphics send information across the masses. The development in the business domain has also increased the worth of banner design.

Promotion from Road sides to Web sites:

Banners were earlier placed on the road side only but with the increasing trend of internet marketing, they are now placed at the web sites also. The web banner design has a tremendous value with respect to product advertisement and sales of the organization. Banner design contains captivating lines about the product to grab the attention of the target audience. Banner design must be able to drag people towards it self so that they browse it at any website to get the detailed information and make effort to avail the products.

Banners placed on the road side had a great threat of being scratched or damaged by the people around and once it was damaged then not only the money but the efforts were also ruined. Web banner designs dont suffer such a problem.

Static to Dynamic:

The road side banner design made up of paper or cloth had all the static features. There couldnt be any flashing text or images and changing color trends but now the banner designs can have all of them. You know how much the flashing images and changing color combinations in a banner whether it is on a web site or road side, appeal you. Dont you? They send you such vibes that you get attracted towards them with ease and thats the hidden strategy which organizations apply to develop your interest in their products.

Became the Strongest tool for Web Marketing:

Web site of every organization is the platform through which its products and services are being market. Banner designs have enabled the organizations to market their business through web sites other than their own web site as well. The banner related to specific product or event is placed onto different web sites in order to expand its advertising and gain massive response from the target audience.

This has become a million dollar business. Every banner design placed on the website is charged. The banner design should have as minimum content as possible. Text should contain captions or taglines and must be written in easy to understand language. As the space is limited therefore a complete balance between the images and text of the banner should be ensured.
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