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Eight facts to consider when selecting an online course on proofreading

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Eight facts to consider when selecting an online course on proofreading

Have you ever thought of learning proofreading and copy editing online?

Well, many people do. In fact, anyone who know how to use a computer can learn online.

Important thing is finding a good proofreading course.

First, have your basics ready.

What do YOU want?
  • Do you want simply to improve your editing skills or obtain an accredited qualification such as a Diploma?
  • Is your aim a basic training or focus on a specific field; business, legal, medical, etc.
  • Is it full time, part time, study from home?
  • What is your training budget?

When you affirm these basics, next thing is to select the course.

Typing ‘online proofreading courses' in your search bar reveals many sites. Select a few and carefully check the following facts.
  1. Website quality – Is it a professional website? Do they provide all information you need? Are you happy with their writing style and language?

  2. Course details – Do they deliver knowledge and qualification you want to achieve? Have they provide adequate details about their courses? Find exactly what they offer.

  3. Credibility of the site owner or institution – Find their teaching experience, tutor qualifications, their presence in social media.

  4. Teaching method – Do the instructor assure personalised attention to every student? An online course may have students from all over the world.

  5. Course materials needed - Do course providers expect you to purchase books or software from them? If they do, be cautious. They may be attempting to sell their products.

  6. Price – Compare price with course duration and study topics. Is it cost-effective? Are there any discounts and easy payment schemes? Is the payment method secure?

  7. Contact method – Can you contact them easily? Safer to avoid sites that depend only on e-mail and provide no postal address. If they are genuine, why conceal their location?

  8. Reviews of former students – This is an effective method to find information about a course. Not every student may comment positively, but if you feel satisfied after reading comments, then most probably, the course is good.

Compare each site before decide. Once you select the course, contact course provider via email and see how they respond. Do they reply promptly? Have they replied to your specific email or sent a stock answer given to everybody?

Once you feel contented, start your distance learning proofreading course. If not, continue with more sites.

Enjoy your online proofreading experience!
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