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Whom To Bet On The Mayweather Jr Vs. Pacquiao Big Fight

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The best way to appreciate the virtues and shortcomings of both Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao without any bias is not to take side with of the boxers.
As both the boxers prepare themselves for their fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on May 2nd, it becomes almost nigh impossible to reason with the fans of why any of them would lose, as no fan will accept his choice of fighter as the second best and has a worse chance of winning the bout.
However, for the boxing experts, the flaws on a fighter as well as the strengths and weaknesses on the style of boxing are easy to find and understand.
May be your friend will watch the fight on May 2, but do they know what is a jab or how to sit down on punches? It is important to have the quality of match making for hardcore fight fans as they become more demanding, but it is these loyal fans for which the Boxing industry might as well survive and make huge revenues from them.
It is for these fans that believe and buy anything they come to know as a good product, even if there is a constant hype of a fight by all the media coverage.
It is really going to be an interesting fight but it is going to be a totally different when compared with a fight six years back.
Back then, Manny was a hungry young man for glory and fame; the ferocious fighting style was a delight to watch and there was no match of the aggressive Filipino.
But six years hence, a lot many changes have taken place with the Congressman and now it is more of a thinking boxer than the beast he was known to be.
On the other hand, Floyd still remains as the boxer he used to be, may be his speed has slowed down a bit; but he is still fast and has better footwork and is comparatively a better boxer than Chris Algieri and Tim Bradley.
Manny has great speed, mobility and power and has a punchers chance.
But due to his fighting at mid to long range, Floyd could get the benefit.
Pacquito is known to be dominant against pressure fighters who do not have defensive or counter-punching skills or some great footwork.
He has been unable to or not willing to finish off the fight when the opponents are ready to get knocked out.
There are many big holes on the defense of Manny and gets countered with ease by boxers with speed.
Since the last knockout loss, there has been a careful matching of Manny against light welters with average power.
Floyd remains as this era's best defensive counter puncher with a good chin.
In addition, his ring IQ and the quality to adjust show the elite class he belongs.
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