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Complete Beginners Guide To Blogging

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So what exactly is a blog? Well essentially, it is an online journal where you can digitally put down your ideas and thoughts or anything else that you feel will be attractive to a wide array of different readers. Blogs come in many different formats and styles and there are blogging platforms which make the whole process almost automatic. Installing a video, pictures or even music is usually push button easy these days.

Some bloggers do not use text at all but instead will use audio. However, most people use the standard type format. When starting out you will find that blogging is usually quite easy. Most blogging platforms will include such things as a place to insert a title, body - which is the main content of your material,and a place for readers to post comments. Inserting a picture or photo is usually a matter of simply uploading it and pointing at to where ever you want it to appear.

If you like simplicity, this is one of the main advantages to blogging. You normally work with one template which is on all the different pages. Everything is laid out for you, in most cases it's just a matter of writing. The themes that are available can come in many different styles which is dependent on the topic that you are blogging.

Although widely used as a personal journal, a lot of businesses will have blogs as well. Some of these, if not all, will be monetized. The blogging community is quite large and blogs are popular throughout the entire world. You can find blogs in directories that will be categorized according to the topic, which makes them very easy to find.

For people starting out, blogging can be very much fun because it is so easy and simple. However, a lot of blogs end up abandoned because the owner either got bored with it or simply ran out of ideas for new material.

To keep a blog going for a long period of time takes a lot of dedication, but there can be a lot of satisfaction in having a running journal and the ability to one day look back several years.

Jack Clarke has been an author and content publisher for the past 12 years. He currently runs several review sites including Jawbreaker Game [http://jawbreakergame.net] among many others.
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