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Improve Self Esteem For Yourself and Others (Including Kids)

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I've been reading up on self esteem in teens and in doing so I realized that so many of us adults deal with the same issues.
Why is that? We are adults with great successes and accomplishments in our lives but many still feel the sting of negative self talk and feelings of low self esteem on a regular basis.
Negative self talk doesn't make us feel good and low self esteem holds us back.
Both keep us from moving forward and get in the way of setting and reaching our goals.
We tell ourselves we're not good enough when, in fact, we are good enough! We need to raise ourselves up and feel proud about what we do.
Whether we are saving the world, volunteering at school, helping a neighbor or friend, doing our best at work, we should be proud.
Have you ever noticed how we are always so encouraging and positive about a baby's or child's accomplishments? We encourage them to keep moving forward, to take that next step, and say that next word.
We tell them how good they're doing when they begin to do new things (we've probably all told a child how wonderful their drawing looked even if we couldn't quite figure out what it really was).
We want to make them feel important and give them the confidence to succeed.
Then somewhere along the way we sit back and the encouragement wanes.
We don't just decide to stop being encouraging one day, it just happens.
But we need to be aware and continue it.
We need to continue to do this for ourselves and for others.
We are all important and have the ability to succeed.
So not just for adults but also for any kids we know, let's help boost their self esteem too.
We don't have to be parents to help growing children feel great; and let's help other adults feel great too.
A kind word, nice gesture, even a smile can be worth the world to a young child and also to another adult - let's give it a try.
Boost a child's self esteem by congratulating them on a job well done (even if it's not perfect or the way you would have done it yourself), acknowledge a good grade on a test (even if it's not 100%), notice what a good friend they are to others.
For adults, give someone a simple compliment on the color they are wearing, some work they may have done, help that was offered or even just that you are truly glad to see them.
It's the simple things that mean a lot so don't let those opportunities to acknowledge others pass you by.
You'll also notice that when we praise and acknowledge others and are sincere about it, we start to feel good too.
Helpful tips to improve our self esteem: •positive self talk every day •positive mind pictures (envision positive outcomes) •take responsibility for your choices Bad habits lower self esteem.
Consider stopping behaviors such as: •comparing yourself to others •blaming yourself •talking negatively to yourself I challenge you to give a compliment to one person a day for a week.
When that week is up, think back about the people you complimented.
Did you affect their day? Did you affect their self esteem? I bet you did and that's terrific! How did you feel about it? I hope you felt good because you are terrific for taking on the challenge and brightening someone else's day! Love yourself.
Forgive others.
And remember to laugh.
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