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How to Use Tables Instead of Desks in a Classroom

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    • 1). Position the tables in a formation that allows all students to be able to clearly see you and the board. Rows of tables parallel to the front or in a U-shape work well. Smaller tables that allow students to sit in groups can also be used.

    • 2). Place chairs only on one side of the table unless you are using smaller tables for groups. Position the chairs so each student has ample room to work and the cheating temptation is low. A 6- or 8-foot banquet-sized table should be able to seat three to four students, depending on their size.

    • 3). Organize a seating arrangement so students will interact well without getting into trouble. Avoid placing talkative students immediately next to each other or students that may tease each other or cause other problems.

    • 4). Split tables up for group activities if you are not already using smaller tables to create groups. One of the benefits of using tables instead of desks is the ability to easily move the tables around.

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