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How to Avoid the Three Biggest Mistakes When Starting Out As a Freelance Web Content Writer

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If you have decided that your skills and experience as a writer mean that you may have the option of doing the work part or full time, then you have probably spent some time on the Internet trying to find opportunities.
There are, to be fair, hundreds of places you can go on the Internet that can provide you with paid work when you are trying to start out as a freelance writer.
I myself started writing content on a professional level a few years ago, and one of the first things that struck me was the sheer volume of sites out there that offer you either a place to market your skills as a writer, or a place to find jobs, or both.
One of the biggest mistakes you can make at the early stages is that of thinking that it is too difficult or challenging to 'break in' to content writing on the Web.
Even if you have had nothing at all published anywhere, not even the school magazine, you have as good a chance as anyone else of making money writing articles, press releases, forum posts and so on.
So bear that in mind.
Another mistake you can make quite easily is to think that just because there are so many pages of weak content out there (and there are hundreds, if not thousands) that have poor spelling and grammar - and are obviously put together in minutes by someone who isn't really bothered - you have the right to do the same.
Sure, there are people who will pay you for content that is obviously just meant to fill a space, but it won't pay much, and you will not be able to use the work as a sample to get other work.
Perhaps the biggest mistake you can make however, when starting out as a freelance content writer, is that you should do work for free.
This is absolute nonsense, and anyone who tells you otherwise is talking rubbish.
If you take time over your work, and endeavour to do the best for your client, which you will automatically do if you spend more than ten minutes on your writing, why get nothing for it? And more often than not the 'client' will take the work you have done on the promise of some paid work and then disappear.
The Internet is a big place.
So don't think you can't do it.
Don't compromise on quality and never work for free.
Follow those three rules, and you can avoid the kind of mistakes that kill off promising content writer careers early.
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