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Use Decorative Wall Panels To Transform Your Home

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Are you in the market for decorative wall panels to transform your home? These panels are available in a wide variety of different designs, patterns and textures. If you are looking at wood panels, you can select from either genuine or imitation wood in an assortment of different board widths and colors so you can select the best panel to suit your individual style.

In addition to wood, decorative wall panels are also available in many other styles as well. Some look like fancy wallpaper while others are made to look like ceiling texture or even imitation ceramic tile for use on shower walls.

No matter what style you decide on, there are a few things to consider when purchasing and installing these great interior wall coverings.

Before purchasing, it is important to decide on the style and design of the panels you plan to install. This is key to landing a great buy. Make sure you are familiar with the interior area of where the panels will be installed. The design, style and color of the panels you select will need to match other colors in this interior area. If necessary, take a lot of pictures of the area and bring them with you to the store to help assist with your decision.

Make sure you keep your budget in mind as well. Some panels can be rather expensive, especially if you have to cover a large area. Make your decision based on how much you can afford for the entire project. DonâEUR(TM)t forget to include trim pieces if necessary, hardware, tools and installation costs if you are hiring a contractor to do the work for you.

Installing decorative wall panels is easy if you have basic carpentry skills. Prior to installation, it is always a good idea to store the panels in the room they are to be installed at least 48 hours before installation. This allows the panels to become accustomed to the humidity and temperature of the room and they are less likely to crack once nailed in place. When ready to install, use a stud finder to search for studs to nail the panels to. Mark each stud with a pencil or chalk mark. If the studs are more than 16 inches on-center, horizontal braces must be installed between the studs to better support of the panels. Attach the panels to the wall studs with finishing nails and leave 1/8 inch gap between each panel. Finally, cover each seam as well as the top and bottom of each panel with trim.

You can purchase decorative wall panels from many different suppliers. Make sure you choose a supplier who offers quality, affordable products. Also look to see if their products are offered with a manufacturerâEUR(TM)s warranty.
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